Sunday, March 16, 2014

Hello Everyone!!! So this week was pretty rough due to we didn't know anyone and it was cold!!!!!! We were walking most of the time in it and then finally we got let in somewhere. But it was -7 but the wind chill made it -21. Lots of fun. So Elder Dana and I the first couple of days was creating a game plan to figure out what this ward needs. We were left a list of people to visit and we got to visit a couple of them but it was quick short visits. Then we were back out into the cold. I wish I had something to say that was really cool this week but I don't... My new companion Elder Dana is awesome!!! He is very easy to get along with and we have a lot in common which is amazing. 

So this week we did some service at Barr lake. It is a state park and they were getting ready for their eagle day. So we showed up and the other elders were painting toilet paper rolls for a arts and crafts thing. While Elder Dana and I shoveled snow off of a bridge trail to a pavilion. That was a long bridge trail and it seemed like it would never end!!! But we got it done and it was good to help out. I haven't been doing very much service due to my last area didn't have very much service stuff to do. But I am glad this area does because I love doing service!!! 

So it is crazy that my year mark is coming up in a couple weeks and it is scary to know i only have a year left. I have loved my mission. It has taught me of what kind of person my heavenly father wants me to be. I have had my ups and my downs of my mission but my downs have taught me so much and how to seek help. I also just this morning finished the Book Of Mormon. I have gained a greater love and understanding for that book than i have ever in my whole life. I love all the teachings it gives us to any situation in life. It gives us the plan of how to return to our heavenly father and it is laid out so simply. I have a year left on my mission but it will be a year that will change my life forever!! I can't wait to see what my heavenly father has in store for me!!!

I love and miss everyone!!!! and here is a video I found that i really like! Enjoy!

Elder Escudero

February 2, 2014

Well this last week was very good. Full of saying goodbyes to people because I had a feeling that I would be transferred this week and I did. But before I get to that. Last week was full of walking everyone because of the snow but good thing we had a small area. So we had our usual Family Home Evening with the Metties and tried to help brother Mettie to start looking towards the future and stop looking to the past. That was really good and I think it finally sunk into him. 

Also we saw Steve twice this week and talked a lot to him about his Patriarchal blessing and also read a lot from the Book of Mormon. We also started to get into members home and to share a lesson with them and get referrals from them. That worked out pretty good. I got to watch most of the game due to everyone in Colorado watched the game. AND WHAT A GAME!!! Lets go. Colorado was pretty quiet that night. Except the few Seahawks fans in Colorado lighting off fire works. But ya pretty exciting when I was in the orange territory.

So transfers... I got transferred up north to Brighton and still am a District Leader. I have 12 people in my district which is really big. Oh forgot about the most exciting part. So I get up to meet my companion and He is new to the area too. So we both have no clue what we are doing. Then we hear bad stuff about our apartment and that was true. So we got to our apartment and it was super ghetto and get inside and it was really dirty from the previous missionaries. So we spent all day yesterday cleaning and unpacking which I am really tired from!!! Then we sit down and start looking at the are book and thank goodness the left us a list of people that they visit and other stuff. But still we both have no clue what to do. SO my new companion is Elder Dana. Pronounced like Day-nah. He has been out for 3 months and from Arizona. Graduated high school the same year so thats pretty cool!!! But he knows sort of what he is doing. He and his trainer were brand new in his first area so he is used to this. Well now that yesterday is over with. Now we can start working hard and making this area the best ever in the mission. It sounds like a great ward and a lot of potential. I am still on bike and it is suppose to snow all week again!!! But all will be good.  

Thank you so much for all the support and love you all give me. I am coming up on my year mark and it is scary to think that I only have a year left... I love my mission. I have learned so many skills since I have been out I love it. I love this gospel and I know that it is true. I would not have wasted 2 years of my life to come out if I didn't know it was true. I know now with out a doubt that it is true. Due to studying and praying. My Heavenly father has answered my prayers!!! I love and miss everyone!!!

Elder Escudero

January 27, 2014

             Hello from broncos territory where I am standing my SEAHAWKS ground!!!! Oh man has this week has been crazy!!! So Elder Christian and I worked really hard this week and changed our ways of everything!!! We are only in peoples houses for exactly and hour and we are back out into the cold!! It was very successful due to we had a lot of lessons!!! We focused on finding new people to teach and we have 5 potential people we could start teaching this next week. So this week we saw lots of less actives where we saw a couple stay all 3 hours at church on Sunday which is amazing!! Also we got to see a couple of our less actives Robert and Jeff who we haven't seen in a very long time. So Robert we went in and shared a scripture about prayer and we found finally his concern with progressing and that is because he asked once received an answer that he is fine where he is. So we are going to ask again about the church and everything and hopefully we can get a different out come!!! So we saw Jeff this past weekend and that was really good. We did service for him like always and then had a lesson. So we focused on prayed and overcoming trials and it went very well. Shared lots of scriptures with him that helped him push on. Then afterwards we gave him a blessing on comfort and after the blessing. He said he finally found peace! He finally is starting to progress.So the Knowlton family we haven't been able to get a hold of them and so hopefully we can get them to be baptized this upcoming weekend.
So besides the teaching I have been great. I think I finally have gotten the hang of this missionary stuff!!! It is very hard work and 11 months into it, it is definitely rewarding. I have seen me grow up a lot in the last 11 months that I definitely would not have been able to do at home. I have found out so many things and I love helping people find the gospel!!! It really is the best thing I can do in my life. To see the changes in others makes me feel really good. I know that we have a loving Heavenly Father who loves each one of us and knows our needs. He sometimes as to tell you things a million times before you finally get it!!! Happened to me this week. I have found that reading the Book of Mormon brings me so much comfort and peace than anything else. I love my mission so much and all the changes it has done to me.
SO the weather was pretty good this past week but now it is snowing and it is suppose to get a lot colder in the next few weeks. I love the snow but I hate it as a missionary!!!! Especially when all you have is a bike or you walk... But Colorado needs the moisture because it prevents the drought. But anyways all is good. I am loving life and looking forward to where I can serve. Transfers are next week so if you don't hear from me its okay. I will email on Tuesday!!! I love and miss everyone!!!
Elder Escudero 

January 21, 2014

Hello Everyone!!!
To start off yesterday we played our mission President and his 2 assistants in basketball. They are going to all the mission zones and playing them. Thy are undefeated so far. It is a game to 11 and best out of 3 games. So I played the first game and we won 11-5. The second game they  took me out and we lost, and then put me back in and we lost 11-7... So we were close and they said we were the hardest zone they have played so far!!!   
So this week has been pretty good. Every Monday night we have been doing Family Home Evening with families in the ward and it is a lot of fun to be in members homes and interact with their families. On Wednesday we had an opportunity to go to the temple and it was awesome to finally go and get some questions answered that I needed answered! Right after that we had interviews with our mission president. That was good because I had a lot more questions to ask haha I usually have a lot of questions for him and he answered all of them for me!! Then we also that day went out with our bishop and visited some people and shared a message with them and tried to help them come back to church and see the importance of enduring to the end. Not very many people see that but when the do, that is when the true conversion comes into play!!!!
So also this week I had my District meeting where I totally forgot to plan and I had to do all of it which I was fine with because I like to talk haha Plus the topic was really easy to talk about. We talked about the importance of the Book of Mormon. It was a really good meeting and I think I learned more than anyone else there.
Also we went and saw one of our investigators the Knowlton family and she totally forgot about us coming over so we taught a little bit about prophets and apostles and she loves the concept and is curious about it. So next time we go over we will have to teach her more about it!!! I am super excited for the Knowlton family and the big commitment they are making to be baptized!!! They have been prepared and are so ready for this moment. Hopefully we can get in and teach them the lessons that we have.
So for me personally I have been doing great. The weather has been perfect and I have been training Elder Christian for the last 5 weeks and its been great. Lots of struggles but it has been amazing as we resolve all of the problems that we have. I am thankful for great leaders that help me be a better District Leader and try to be a better example to my District. Not saying I am horrible but to always try to be better. I love this work. I have been out for almost a year and I have loved every single moment of it. I wouldn't trade these 2 years for anything else. I love this gospel and I love my savior Jesus Christ and all that he has done for me. I am thankful for all the support I receive. I love and miss everyone.
Elder Escudero

January 13, 2014

Alright so this week was exciting!! So Monday nights we are starting to do Family Home Evenings with families and it is awesome. I love it, mostly we do the lessons but its great. Also this week Elder Christian finally got his bike so he is loving that his brakes don't freeze when its snowing!!! We also have been tracting a lot... I hate tracting but now I am starting to like it a lot better. We have 8 new potential Investigators now. So I am not complaining. Also this week we went to the young mens and women's activity because it was meet the missionary night!!! It was awesome. Also I did a baptism interview for a guy named Ray who is awesome. I love being able to give baptism interviews because you get to see how prepared these people were to the gospel. Heavenly Father has his hand in every part of this work!!
We had a Zone meeting this week and they are really trying for obedience in this mission because they are starting to lock down on all the rules... But I guess that is good for all the missionaries so that there isn't a really bad thing that happens. But ya we visited a less active who is trying to stop smoking and we taught him about prayer and faith that sometimes he has to let go of the driver seat and let our savior start driving his car!!! It was an awesome lesson. Then Friday we had a lesson with our investigator Josie and we planned to the Plan of Salvation with her but ended up just talking about Baptism. We set a date for Feb. 1st and she accepted and then we talked about involving her family!!! She is so ready that we just need to teach her all the lessons!!! Also Elder Christian and I finished splitting our area book and cleaned it up so much because previous missionaries don't do a very good job with it! But now it is super organized!! 
Church was good this Sunday because we had 3 investigators there and it was great. They were excited to be there even though it was at 9 haha Also we went to the baptism for ray who I interviewed this week. It was great week I can say!!! I have been mostly trying to help Elder Christian learn the lessons because I have been slacking with that!!! But he is doing great!!! Well I hope everyone has a great week and I love and miss everyone!!!
Elder Escudero

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Jan 6, 2014 HAPPY 2014!

Hello everyone!!!! SO this week was a little different still because it still is the holidays but now the holidays are over. It finally stopped snowing as of today. It started on Friday night and stopped Monday morning. Walking all day in it was not very fun!!! But it was very successful.
So this week we read a talk by Elder Corbridge called the forth missionary and we had a zone meeting where we talked about it then we got a challenge from our Zone Leaders to knock 150 doors in a week. It did not matter who was behind the door as long as it was a door. We called it knock'em  alive. Also on new years eve we had to go in early at 6 and stay in. This is probably the first New Years Eve where I went to bed before midnight, haha. Kind of lame but mission holidays are always different.
Anyways we taught a less active this week and he is starting to come back to church. He only has been baptized for a little over a year but he fell away but wants to receive the priesthood!!! So that was pretty exciting also while it was snowing all day I was on exchanges with Elder Russell who is one of our Zone Leaders and we walked all day. We gave blessings to people, we did service, and we tracted. We did everything all day. But within that day I got 6 new potential investigators out of the 13 doors we knocked that day. It was incredible. I knew that if we worked hard that we would find success. So I can see because of our hard work we were able to find new people to teach.
Elder Christian my companion is doing good. I feel like I have so many easy companions that this one just feels a little harder. I know that he is a new missionary but there is just something different. I am trying to figure it out but we will see how that goes.
I made a lot of new years resolution and most of them have applied to being a better missionary because I know, especially after this week that the harder you work. The more success you see!!! I love and miss everyone!!
Elder Escudero

Dec 30, 2013

Hello!!!! So this week was pretty slow due to Christmas but we still got to see a few people that were actually home! So we mostly went and visited a lot of less actives this week and taught them lessons and also trying to get them to come to church. So once this past Sunday passed by we lost our 2 investigators baptism date due to the lack of contact we could get!!! But they decided to feed us dinner this week so we are going to put them on date again for a later date. Hopefully we can teach them all the lessons soon because they love coming to church and love the environment.

Pretty much the week consisted of Christmas and visiting families, haha ,It definitely is different when you are on a mission. I just got to see how other families celebrated their Christmas and Skype. So ya this week will consist of finding new people to teach and working on lees actives. Christmas night as a zone we went caroling and it was very successful and a lot better than knocking doors. We are trying to think of different ways to find people and singing has been the only successful way.

So our mission gave us a talk called the 4th missionary by Elder Corbridge. It has definitely changed my whole thinking of how a missionary should be and act. So I am trying to be better and have my mission change me forever. Sorry this letter is so short but not much happened this week. I love and miss everyone. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Elder Escudero  


Hello!!! Christmas week!!!!!!! So this week I got my new companion Elder Christian from St. George, UT! Since I am training, I will be in this area until march 17th now unless I get Emergency transferred!!!! This week was pretty good! We had a Christmas Devotional and A guy came to it who works for unemployment services for the church. He covers 9 states but he came to talk to us. His name is Keith Handy, he should us pictures of his archeology digs in central Americas proving that Jesus Christ came to visit them and it was incredible!!!! My testimony sky rocketed when I saw the pictures and also he told us that when Mayans ended the calendar on December 23rd not the 21st but the 23rd it was literally an end of the world and a preparation of the second coming of Christ! We are in the days now for preparing for Christ to come again!!! It was so cool to see the Mayans belief in all of this! Oh and the 23rd of December is Joseph Smiths Birthday. Could of been just a coincidence!
Anyways this week missionary work was a little ruff. The sister missionaries came into our ward last Monday and we didn't split the ward until the following sunday so they didn't have much to work with until I split the area book and the ward left the splitting of the ward up to me since I was the longest missionary in the ward. So I got the privilege of splitting it and it sounds like it will go great!!! This week a lot of our appointments fell through so we didn't have much to do but we still kept on going and trying to work. It was really cold this week but at least Elder Christian came prepared with cold gear!!!! So that was great!!! Also we visited a lot of members to see if they needed any help this Christmas season!! The ward scheduled our Christmas Eve and day so that we would be in members homes!! Pretty cool but I still got a say of what I wanted to do since it is my first Christmas away but it sounds fun!!!
I love this season because we get to celebrate the birth of our savior Jesus Christ!!! He is amazing and you can feel his love extra this time of year!!! Remember others this season and be happy because 2013 years ago we were blessed to have the only begotten son be born!!! Remember the true meaning of Christmas! I LOVE AND MISS EVERYONE. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
Love, Elder Escudero 

Dec 16, 2013

So this week has been interesting!!! So a lot of our appointments cancelled this week so we weren't ab;e to teach a lot this week so that kind of stunk!!!! But this week we were able to go and see our investigators the knowlton family!!! I told Elder Dennis that he was going to invite them to be baptized! He was a little nervous and tried to make me do it because it was one of my goals but I told him no, he needs the practice more than I do!!! So when we went over we planned to teach the Plan of Salvation. The mom and one of the daughters have the same name so the daughter wouldn't stop talking for 40 minutes straight!!!! But while she was talking she pretty much taught the plan of salvation to her self!!!! So once she paused for a second, I started talked and started teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ which includes Faith, Repentance and I focused on baptism!!! Elder Dennis saw what I was doing so he knew exactly what to do!!!! So I led Elder Dennis right into inviting the daughter and all he said is that we would like to invite you... And she said where? to be Baptized? Sure!!!! I just have to find out if this is true. We were a little in shock and her mom came out and said she would be baptized too!!! SO I set them on date for the 29th of December!!! Its a huge goal and we have a lot to teach but she needed the push!!! It was a really neat experience!!!

So nothing really big happened this week but we were mostly planning and trying to figure out how we were going to split the area for when the sisters come today!!! Its actually really hard to split a 1 mile by 2 mile area but we did it!!! So I don't really have time to email very much due to that it is transfer day and it will be crazy today!!! Elder Dennis is being transferred today and I am staying and getting another brand new missionary to train!!! I guess I did something right with training Elder Dennis... I am excited for this next couple transfers with a new missionary because I know the amazing miracles that happen in the training program and I love seeing the growth in the missionaries while in training!!! 

Well my district has now 5 people on date to be baptized and 3 weeks ago we had 0 on date... I am proud of them and all the progress that they have made to invite people to come unto Christ!!! especially during this Christmas season!!!! This week will definitely be interesting as the sister come into the ward and we will be getting a new Ward Mission Leader probably this Sunday because they rearranged all of the callings in the ward due to move outs and people being called to stake callings!!! So its sad but it will be really cool to see how the ward functions and progresses with new leadership!!!!

Anyways, I am very sad to see Elder Dennis leave but he will grow a lot in his next area!!!! I will be in this area until march 17th transfer!!! Long time but I can't wait to see what the lord has in store for me!!! Sorry this is such a short letter but I will write more next week!!! I love and miss everyone and thank you for all the birthday wishes!!!! 

Elder Escudero

Dec 9, 2013 "Hello From the Colorado ICE AGE"

Hello Everyone!!! So I survived the negatives all week!!! from Wed- Sat it didn't get above 10 degrees... Ya we tried to stay inside homes as long as we could!!!!  It was pretty crazy as Denver hit a record low!!! The work went really slow this week due to the snow and cold though... We couldn't ride bikes because it was unsafe and walking took to long and we didn't want to be out side longer than we had to be!!!
Anyways this week I went on exchanges with a missionary in my District Elder Vea!!! That was fun!! We pretty much put two greenies in charge of a area to hopefully help them become more independent than just relying on their companion to do everything!!!! It definitely has helped my companion Elder Dennis!! I have found myself starting to follow him instead of him following me!!! Its been great to be able to train him and see his growth!!!! Its crazy that this is the last week of training for him! I definitely can say that he is ready to take over an area. I know if he did he would be come an even better missionary.
So District meeting this week was eventful!!! Elder Dennis and I had to walk there and it was maybe 3 degrees and then we had to wait for the building to get unlocked before we could get in... So I was pretty cold and a little grumpy but I had to get over that quick because an assistant to the mission president came to my district meeting. So there was a little pressure!!! But the meeting went great and we got a ride after the meeting so we didn't have to walk. So a lot of our appointments cancelled on us because they didn't want us to travel all the way there in the cold... It was a little frustrating but I guess they were just looking out for us!!! Besides that church went great this week!!!! The night before I texted one of our investigators and asked then if they were coming to church and she said yes!!!! Then she continued to say how since she has been coming to church see has now found more hope!!! And she was glad that the church accepted her and her family!!! So she came to church and with her family and we have an appointment with her this week!!! We are so excited to invite her to be baptized and make that first covenant with our heavenly father. They love coming to church and the environment it is for their family!!! Its great. This week is going to be awesome!!!
So there was a talk one of the assistants to the Presidents gave me and its about purifying yourself in 40 days!!! I will send a separate email because it is too big to attach to this email!!! But I also attached a couple pictures to this email. One is a picture of all the Colorado springs missionaries who are in leadership positions!!! All but 4 were there!!!! The other one is a picture of my first District!!!! 
Well its the last week of the transfer so we will see Saturday if I stay or not. I have no idea!!!! We will see, I hope I stay because of the work I have put into this area!!! I want to see the people enter into the waters of baptism while I still am here!!! Can't wait!!! Well I hope everyone has a warm week!!!! Love ya and miss you guys!!!
Elder Escudero  

Dec 2, 2013

Alright so this week was a little crazy. So Monday night we got a phone call saying that they we going to take our car... When I saw it was an assistant calling me. two things popped in my head 1. What did I do? 2. What's the worst that could happen? Yep the worst thing for a missionary. Taking your car!!! The sister missionaries got in a accident and needed a replacement so they took ours... I wasn't a very happy camper but I got over it!!!! Well anyways since the next morning they took it. The Zone Leaders had to pick us up for a meeting for all the leaders in the mission. So Elder Dennis had to go with another District leaders companion while we went to the meeting!!!! The meeting was really good and I felt better trained to be a District Leader.
So on Wednesday I went on exchanges with one of the Zone Leaders and went to their area. Right now they don't have any work because they were both transferred in last transfer and got the half of the area where there is no work... So pretty much we talked to everyone we saw and tracted a lot!!!! We met some very interesting people who either wanted to argue or who were somewhat interested!!! One really cool experience from that day was that when we were actually tracting!!! So we were in a part of their area where they have some big houses and we were knocking and no one was answering. So Elder Aguayo saw a guy outside working on his deck so we went and saw if he needed help he said no. So we walked down the street and skipped a lot of houses then Elder Aguayo looked and pointed at a house and said I want to teach in this house, lets go in it!!!! I said we probably should knock first before we enter some ones house, he was like ya that's true. So we went up to this house and knocked and a lady answered the door and we said who we were and why we were here. She was almost in tears the entire time then she was telling us how her husband lost her job today and we asked where does he work? She said the broncos. His name is Kevin Vickerson!!! She found out a little bit ago that he dislocated his hip when they played the patriots. So she really needed comfort and so she was about to send a bible verse to her husband for comfort and before she wrote the last word she looked out the window and saw black pants and a white shirt and she said missionaries!!! Saw we walked to her house and she opened the door. As we bore sincere testimony to her see understood and was very receptive to our message!!! It is another testimony builder for me, Elder Aguayo and her that Heavenly Father is mindful of all his children!!! I will never forget that experience. As we were talking the spirit was so strong and Elder Aguayo and I were almost in tears!!! That was the highlight of my week!!!
Thanksgiving!!! SO in the morning we had District meeting. That was good. I actually finished on time this week haha Then we only had one dinner planned that day then the other set of missionaries asked us if we wanted to come with them to there dinners!! I said yes and we had 3 dinners within 4 hours... I have never been so stuffed in my life!!! I thought I was going to die!!! But it was a really good thanksgiving. I got to spend it with some awesome families that would do anything for missionaries!!!!
So the next few days was full of visiting as many people as we could and it was great!!! So on Saturday we saw our investigator Jeff. We did a lot of service for him before we had a lesson and he was very grateful for that. So we taught the gospel of Jesus Christ to him. Very simple lesson where we planned on inviting him to be baptized. So we started and when we got to the point we planned to invite I had Elder Dennis, invite him and you could tell he was very nervous at the time. So finally he invited and he said no. He said he has already been baptized in his church and he said he believes the that the rabbi had the right priesthood authority. I am thankful Jeff's friend was there to explain that one because I didn't want to be the one to offend him saying that we know that we are the only church that has that priesthood authority, which is true but I tried my best to explain it to him and we weren't really able to totally resolve it but we found his concern. Jeff isn't reading and asking if the Book of Mormon is true. It truly comes down to that. Is the Book of Mormon is true then what we taught you is true then we have the Priesthood which gives us that authority to baptize and do other ordinances!!! So we have a pretty good game plan for next week!!!
So Sunday was pretty fun. So our other investigators came to church!!!!!!  Which was awesome because they really are progressing!!! Then after church we headed over to Jeff's church to celebrate Hanukkah with him!!! That was actually really cool. A lot of people didn't know we were Mormon until we started talking a little bit then they asked and found out so I guess that is cool!!! The celebration was pretty cool. I never knew the meaning of Hanukkah but now I do!!
So that pretty much was my week. It was crazy but pretty cool at the same time. I can't believe that I will be 20 in a week... It freaks me out a bit but I am excited at the same time!!!! This week is going to be very cold also. Starting this Wednesday and on the weather will be a high of 20 all week... Not excited for that but it will be all good!!!!
Thank you for all of your support that you give me!!!! I really do appreciate it and it gives me that extra push to work harder. I love and miss everyone!!! Have a great week!!!
Elder Escudero

Nov 25, 2013

Its starting to snow more often here and its great. I love the snow but not as much as a missionary. Thankful for a car but that just means I have to give other missionaries a ride places. Well this week was another week full of meetings!!!!! Its great being a District Leader but it can be a pain at the same time!!! I had my first district meeting this week and it was great!!!! I went over a little bit on time but for my first one I planned it went pretty smooth!!! I am excited for this weeks because it should be pretty fun!!!!
Alright so this week consisted of lots of finding. We have been trying to find and set up a lot of lessons for this week. Which we were very successful at!!!! A lot of our set appointments we had this week fell through but this week will be great, I have great faith that this week will be amazing!!! so once it got to the weekend it got crazy. So Friday had a trainers meeting, the last one for Elder Dennis!!!! I have a church building from 9 to 330... It was really long!!!! Then we tried to work after that but it was dinner and then it got too late to find people, so we were scrambling trying to find something to do!!! Saturday was good. We had a lesson with one of our investigators. Josephine and it was good we taught the Restoration and she was not really engaged but she understood it. She said she would come to church and we were excited for that. Then later that day I had another meeting for our Zone council. Thankfully that one was only an hour!!!! But later that day we had another less with another one of our investigators Jeff. We taught him the Plan of Salvation and he felt the spirit and he admitted it!!! It was huge progress.
So now church came around we had a lot of people to commit to come and I was teaching the second hour of church and I was a little stressed out not going to lie. Then Josephine and her family walked in then Jeff walked in!!! We had 7 investigators at church yesterday. It was awesome!!! So once I got that all taken care of church started and sacrament got over. Josephine and her family went home after that but Jeff stayed for the second hour. I taught the lesson and everyone said it was good haha I hope it was. I got the lesson the day before and only prepared the morning of because that was the only time I had to do it. So I am glad that was over and they all liked church!!! It was great but very crazy!!!! So to end the week it was great!!!! We had people come to church and new investigators!!!! It was amazing. Not very many lessons taught but the ones we did was worth it!!!! 
SO this week is going to be very very busy week. We have already 15+ lessons set up and still need to make more phone calls to set up more!!!! I am so excited to see how much this area has picked up since I have gotten here. It seems like when I got here we had nothing to work with and now we got a lot of people to teach!!!! I can't wait to see what happens next!!!
I love this work, I love seeing the change and happiness this gospel brings into peoples lives!!! It makes me even more happy that I get to share this gospel with others!!! I have learned so much in these last 9 months I have been out here and its insane. I can't believe its been 9 months but it has been. 3 more months and that's a year... I am excited and sort of dreading that day because I hear once you hit your half way point it flies by!!!!!! I wouldn't want to trade these 2 years for anything else!!! I love my mission!!! I love and miss everyone!!! Hope you all have an amazing thanksgiving!!!
Elder Escudero

Nov 18, 2103

Hello from Colorado again!!!! I am not in the Colorado springs mission anymore so that means I will always be in Colorado!!!! Well this week was pretty slow for us. So most of this week was getting settled into our apartment. We were suppose to get furniture this Friday, so Elder Pratt swung by and picked up the air mattresses and we stayed at the apartment all day there waiting for furniture and it never came... so we got some sleeping bags and pads and slept on that for the weekend. We are suppose to get our furniture today!!!! Hopefully it comes... Fingers crossed!!!
So this week we had our Zone Conference up in Arvada!! about a 40 minute drive but when I got there, there was a lot of Springs missionaries that switched missions also!!! It was like a reunion!!!! The picture attached is the picture of us missing a couple who left zone conference early. So we got our car inspected and got a good score. I also learned a lot from our Mission President. He talked a lot about obedience of course as missionaries, we are like alright here we go again!!! But how he related it to a personal story it hit a lot of us. Also a lot of the other talks that the Assistants gave was good it helped Elder Dennis and I go back to our area and work hard!!!!
So also this week I went tracting for the first time in 6 months haha I didn't want to but we needed to!!! So we went and knocked on doors for 2 hours. 10 doors actually opened up and they were all nice. One of them is actually interested in learning more after her finals are completed. It was actually a good experience and good for Elder Dennis because it was his first time!!! He loved every minute of it haha
Also this week we visited a few less actives. One of them, brother Mettie, he has shown a lot of improvement in the last few weeks. He said next time we come over that he would pull out his book of Mormon and read with us. We didn't have to challenge him to do anything. Also every other Thursday we go out with the young men and go and visit people. We go out with the 16-18 year old boys and they love every time they can come out with us!!! We had a good experience with a couple of the boys we visited. Mostly was inviting to church and inviting them to activities but hopefully they can come to those soon!!!!
A lot of our appointments that we had fell through this week but that is missionary work for ya!!!! But this next week should be good. The stake presidency showed up to ward council and we got a phone that we needed to be there. So we showed up and sat down and our stake president grabs my planner and opens to a random day and ward council plans our day. Then the stake president says that the planners our now public property!!! Ya I am glad I wrote things down in my planner because if I didn't that would of been really embarrassing!!
Well I am excited this week. it should be really good with the 12+ lessons we have set before the week even started!!!! Our ward mission leader has a lot to work to do but he made our job a little easier!!!! Also this week I have my first District meeting that I have planned!!! I hope it goes great because I have never planned one... Glad it only has to be a hour and a half!!!! Well I am super excited to see the work start to pick up here in Colorado!!! Its crazy how its not just in my area but the whole mission that the work is picking up! That was my week. I am thankful for all the meetings I had this week. They helped me become a better missionary!!! I have noticed the spirit more present in my life!!! I love and miss everyone!!!
Elder Escudero