Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May 28, 2013  Due to Memorial Day and libraries closed He got to email today....His address will be changing on Saturday 6/1 and transfers are next week so if you are mailing anything tomorrow 5/29 will be the last day until we get a new address which will be next week.  Here is this weeks email...enjoy!!

This past week has been GREAT!!! The weather has been in the upper 80's all week!! Thankful for short sleeve shirts! Last Preparation day we played kickball/ volleyball baseball as a district and a rain storm came in and dumped on us for a half an hour and we still played. Of course I still played because rain is normal but it dumped and hailed on us haha
One of the new investigators we have we taught here 4 lessons this past week. She (Caitlyn) lives with her boy friend (Corry) who is a RM (return missionary) and is just inactive. When we taught her the restoration she felt the spirit so much she was crying and wanted to be baptized. She is accepting all that we teach her and is working on being better. We also expressed that she can't be baptized because her boyfriend is living with her. So either they get married or one of them move out. There is a kid involved. It is her kid and they don't want to effect the kids life. So they are getting married soon!!! Its just a matter of when though. Also they are reading and praying as a family!!!! That family is so awesome!!
We are also helping a member, who used to be less active, prepare for the temple. He is so great and wants to progress as much as he can in the gospel now!! When he was less active he noticed that he felt better with the spirits influence in his life!!!
Also we had a lesson with frank on Thursday. We taught him about involving his family more and he said that he would try. He said he was coming to church this Sunday but then we got a call on friday saying that he wasn't ready for church and he would call us when he was ready. So we went over to see what the problem was and it was nothing. He is just still scared to coming to church. So we had to drop him as a investigator because we have done all that we can do as missionary and he is not willing to commit. We can't convince anyone to convert. We are just there to help and when people aren't committed, we can't really do anything. It is sad but we had to.
We also got to teach the husband (Dan) of the couple we are teaching. His wife (Anna) is in Ohio still with her family. We taught him the commandments and he accepted all of them that we taught and said he would commit to keeping all of them!!! It was a way good lesson and he always has good questions and makes us missionaries become better teachers when we are able to answer awesome questions.
Also this week our zone leaders did exchanges with our district. One went the other companionship and the other came with us. We went to a apartment complex and we were going to visit some potentials and no one was home. On our way though Elder Gwilliam ( He is from Canada) But he talked to every single person we walked by. One of the people we were able to invite to learn more and we are teaching her this week. Definitely i learned that as we talk to everyone, we will find at least one person who is ready to hear the gospel.
I definitely have noticed a difference in me, in the past 3 months. I am able to teach a lot better and also I am able to lead out more and invite people to do things that I never thought I would be able to. It is crazy how all of this is happening right before transfers!! I really want to stay here for another transfer but it is a toss up. It is all up to President Anderson and how he see's things! I really want to see the people that I have worked with be baptized but we will see next Monday!!!! I love my mission, wouldn't trade it for anything. This ward and area is amazing. The members will do anything for missionaries and the love the gospel and actually live it. That is why I love my area. I love and miss everyone. Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!!
Elder Escudero

Monday, May 20, 2013

May 20, 2013

So this week has been amazing!! We were really busy all week and didn't have a dull moment!!! A lot of your plans early in the week fell through but we were in the right place at the right time and that is all that matters!!! When we went to go see a member we talked for a lil bit then we had to leave and on our way out we ran into a family who just moved into the area and just needed information about where the church was and the time it started. That happens quite a bit in this area!! We were really excited for that because of so many families that are moving out, it is nice to have a family move in!!!
That same day we have a lesson with Devon, he is just finishing up his junior year in high school and we taught him the Plan of Salvation and he was very receptive!! He read 2 chapters of the Book of Mormon and is praying too!! He doesn't have a baptism date for June 2nd anymore because he didn't come to church but it is now June 9th. He is pretty solid!
Also when we were trying to visit some members no one was home in the morning so we visited the last member in the apartment complex and still not home. So we started to headed to the car  and on our way we saw a guy walking his dog so we started to talk to him and he just moved here like a month ago and has no religious back ground. But his girl friend is trying to find the right church so we were like perfect haha So we shared a lil bit about the gospel with him and he thought that was way cool and he said he would relay the message to his girl friend!!!
Then we had a typical lesson with Frank he is pretty much the same, we have been able to teach him the first 3 discussions and he is set on going to church on June 2nd and being baptized sometime in June.  He is still smoking and doesn't see himself stopping anytime soon!!! But we are not giving up on him.
Also we had a lesson with the husband of the couple we have been working with. His wife is in Ohio visiting family. So we only taught the husband. That lesson was really long and we answered all of his questions which was good. We tried to set a date for him and he wants to be baptized with his wife which we totally understand but he said if it was him he would say yes to June 16th but his wife has fear of her family not liking her decision. So we just have to work with the wife!
On Saturday we had a early dinner and afterwards we went to another apartment complex to see members and again no one was home!!! So we started to head back to the car and a guy yelled hey elders. Didn't recognize him but we went over and talked to him and he just moved in and his girl friend is investigating. He is a return missionary and I think just went inactive now but his girlfriend has a kid and really likes the eternal family aspect of the church. So we are having dinner and a lesson with her tomorrow!!! We are super excited that happened!!! 

Its exciting to see all of the amazing work that is happening in this one ward!!! We might have 5 baptisms in the month of June. The sad part is that Transfers is June 5th and all of them would be after that... So I kind of don't want to be transferred because I want to see all of the work I have helped with be finished. Then I do, so I could stay in the Colorado Springs mission. So we will see what happens in 2 weeks. Super excited. I love this area so much and love the members here!!! They are all so GREAT!
Well that's been my exciting week. Hope everyone is doing good!!! Love and miss everyone!!!
Elder Escudero

Monday, May 13, 2013


This week has been pretty good. We taught a lot of lessons and were able invite a couple of people to be baptized !! The weather is finally looking good. It should be in the 80's this week!!! SO I am super excited for that and I am glad that I cut my hair shorter. I love this ward so much, even with 4 elders we still get fed every night which I am very grateful for!!! My District leader I have right now Elder Harley. He used to live in Washington for 3 years and we went to Mormon prom at the same time. So we probably saw each other!! I thought that was pretty funny.
This week we had a lesson with a new investigator. He was a referral from the Denver South Mission. He really only asked the missionaries what they did. His name is Devon. He is in high school still but really curious about the religion  So we went over and got to know him a little bit. Then started teaching him the restoration. It was very good and we had two of the priests in the ward come and help out. They were really good when we asked them to share some blessings from there lives. But we got towards the end of the lesson and we invited him to be baptized and he said yes. So he agreed to be baptized on June 2nd. Super excited for him!!
Then also we had a lesson with a couple who have been coming to church since Easter  They love the church and they are golden investigators. The lesson we had with them lasted 4 and 1/2 hours... They have a lot of questions. They were raised Catholic and they couldn't believe a lot of the stuff that the Catholics believed in. As we teach them the lessons, they believe all the things we teach and they can see how that its true. We invited them to be baptized also and they said its not a matter if we will be baptized but its a matter on when. The wife is leaving town until June 6th, so it will be after that!!! They don't realize that when they get baptized it is just the beginning  Also having the constant companion of the holy ghost will help out so much with their conversion process.
We had Zone conference this week and they really emphasized SERVICE!! As a district we have been asking every member, non-member, and less actives for people we can serve and it has been very successful!!! We have a lot of moves in our ward and we did 2 this last week! Also we helped a non-member family move some furniture, put sand in a chicken coup and shoveled out a cow and horse pen. I love serving others and that is what I have been called to do for 2 years full-time. Definitely I have truly found myself as I have served others. You learn a lot of things about yourself as you do it.
I love every minute of my mission and in 3 weeks I will know if I am transferring missions or not. Either way its all the same work just different people. Some missionaries are worried/ concerned about switching missions but I think it would be good either way!!! Well its been a good week. So glad I got to call home on Mothers Day!! 

Love and miss everyone!!
-Elder Escudero 


This week has been pretty fun!! We had to put our car in the shop because of the crash last month! Who knew cars would be that expensive but good thing we have a member in our ward that has a auto body shop and lowered the price for us!! Also good thing we didn't have to pay for it because we would be broke!!! So we biked a lot and got some rides from members which we are very grateful for!! Our area is pretty big and there are a lot of hills so we were thankful for the rides.

So one of our dinners was really fun!! We were suppose to have it with the Hillier's (Elder Hillier is a area seventy). Sister Hillier was going to invite a part member family over but they insisted having dinner at their house. So we went over and ate and talked and really got to know the family! Elder Lemon really had a lot in common with the husband because they both sold Cutco knives! So after dinner we went into their basement and had a spiritual thought by Elder Hillier and it was way good. He talked about serving others and who we should serve!! It was starting to get late, so sister Hillier was getting worried we wouldn't get home on time. But the husband all of a sudden brought out some foam balls that the play some dodge-ball with and the Hillier boys started throwing them around. Then all of sudden I got hit in the face and didn't know who threw it!! Then I look around the corner and Elder Hillier is throwing them hahaha It was the funniest thing to see a General Authority throwing foam balls at people. Just the look on Elder Hillier's face was priceless!!! So we ended up being late but we thought it was okay because we had a General Authority with us!!

We did a lot of moves this week and we will have a lot more moves coming up. This ward has a lot of moves. A member said that there is about 120 moves every year which is about 1 every 3 days!! Pretty crazy but it gives us a lot of service hours haha Also our District focus has been on serving others and building their trust in us so they are comfortable with us teaching their friends the gospel and it has been working.

We definitely have seen a lot more success since then additional set of Elders in the ward. We have been able to focus on a certain part of the area and its been great!!! I love it. We have gotten a few more people interested in learning more about the gospel and its awesome. We finally have a teaching pool!! There has been a couple that has come to church every Sunday since Easter and they agreed last week to take the missionary discussions and we taught them Friday  They had a lot of questions but they grew up catholic so it definitely was understandable. But we taught them the restoration and they had some doubts but everyone has doubts at first. We resolved it through them reading the Book of Mormon. But we have a another appointment next Friday!!!

Also friday was the ward Cinco de Mayo party!! That was a lot of fun. There was 5 pinates and the adults were so funny!!! They were swinging so hard and missing haha
Well this week I have been reading a lot in Jesus the Christ!! It is so good. I love it and I read that you can't have faith in our Savior unless you know him. So that's what I have been seeking out and studying a lot and I definitely feel like I do know my Savior and he is awesome. I love him and thankful for all that he has done for me!!! I love this area and I love Colorado, Kinda weird to say because I do miss Washington but it is amazing here!!

Love and miss everyone. I am so thankful for all of the support!!!

-Elder Escudero

Well we moved a lot this week!!! Last weekend we stayed at the Reeds then on Monday we moved into the Vernon's all week, then last night we moved back into the Maughns for good haha Back at home well sort of! Weather this week has been so nice well after Tuesday it was. It has been in the 60's and 70's!! Oh and the new set of Elders came on Wednesday  so now we have 2 sets in one ward and in 4 days there has been a dramatic change in pace in the work here!! It is so awesome.
Well on Monday like I said we moved out of the Reeds into the Vernon's and they are awesome!! We didn't have a dinner for the night so they fed us and we just got to know them really well!!!
We went and visited Brother Tinsley, he is a convert and got in a big accident like 5 years ago and now is paralyzed. But now he uses Canadian crutches!! He has so much faith that he will walk again with out any help. After lunch we came to the library and worked on our mormon.org profiles and watch some of the videos!! Those videos are so great and so diverse!! After that we had to go to court... Because of the car accident we got in like a month ago. Well it was for Elder Lemon but since I was his companion I kind of had to go with him. We only had to talk to the town attorney and he had to pay a small fine! So we are all good there. Then we went and visited Sister Garcia and her son Thomas. They were less active and now starting to come back to church it is so awesome!!!! Then at dinner the Haw's family wanted us to give the first discussion to his kids. It was really good and they learned a lot about how to gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon. Pretty productive day!!!
Transfers was on Wednesday and we waited for the new Elders and we met up with to show then around and to take then on a lesson. Our District leader is Elder Harley and his companion name is Elder Keliikoa. His family is Hawaiian. 4 Elders one lesson!! It was so great haha It was Sis. Garcia and Thomas again. It was good but pretty crazy!!! That night we had a meeting with all of the auxiliaries in the ward to split the area in half! We are now the Grandview West Elders haha
This week we also had our normal lesson with Frank. He is not being baptized on May 11th because he isn't coming to church but we are working on him. We are having a lot of ward member to just stop by and say hi. Make him feel welcomed. So maybe that will help.
This week we were low on miles for the month like way low so we have been starting to bike everywhere. I finally am used to riding a bike which is really good!!! Saturday was full of service from 9 to 3 was all service minus a hour for lunch!!! We helped with a move, swept up around a pool and help build a chicken coup! Right after that we had to change and then bike 6 miles to a lesson in 20 minutes we did it in 15 minutes haha A lot of hills too! Proud of myself and the person we were going to teach wasn't there... SO upset!!! But ya all is good.
This ward works so good together. I love them, they already do something before we even ask them to do it and they love helping us. They always ask how they can help and when. This is how every ward should be!!! They are so missionary oriented and are examples of how every member should be!!! I love Colorado so much. Two months in and I love it haha Well Work is doing really good and about to get even better.
Love and miss everyone and thankful for all the support!!
Elder Escudero