Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Nov 18, 2103

Hello from Colorado again!!!! I am not in the Colorado springs mission anymore so that means I will always be in Colorado!!!! Well this week was pretty slow for us. So most of this week was getting settled into our apartment. We were suppose to get furniture this Friday, so Elder Pratt swung by and picked up the air mattresses and we stayed at the apartment all day there waiting for furniture and it never came... so we got some sleeping bags and pads and slept on that for the weekend. We are suppose to get our furniture today!!!! Hopefully it comes... Fingers crossed!!!
So this week we had our Zone Conference up in Arvada!! about a 40 minute drive but when I got there, there was a lot of Springs missionaries that switched missions also!!! It was like a reunion!!!! The picture attached is the picture of us missing a couple who left zone conference early. So we got our car inspected and got a good score. I also learned a lot from our Mission President. He talked a lot about obedience of course as missionaries, we are like alright here we go again!!! But how he related it to a personal story it hit a lot of us. Also a lot of the other talks that the Assistants gave was good it helped Elder Dennis and I go back to our area and work hard!!!!
So also this week I went tracting for the first time in 6 months haha I didn't want to but we needed to!!! So we went and knocked on doors for 2 hours. 10 doors actually opened up and they were all nice. One of them is actually interested in learning more after her finals are completed. It was actually a good experience and good for Elder Dennis because it was his first time!!! He loved every minute of it haha
Also this week we visited a few less actives. One of them, brother Mettie, he has shown a lot of improvement in the last few weeks. He said next time we come over that he would pull out his book of Mormon and read with us. We didn't have to challenge him to do anything. Also every other Thursday we go out with the young men and go and visit people. We go out with the 16-18 year old boys and they love every time they can come out with us!!! We had a good experience with a couple of the boys we visited. Mostly was inviting to church and inviting them to activities but hopefully they can come to those soon!!!!
A lot of our appointments that we had fell through this week but that is missionary work for ya!!!! But this next week should be good. The stake presidency showed up to ward council and we got a phone that we needed to be there. So we showed up and sat down and our stake president grabs my planner and opens to a random day and ward council plans our day. Then the stake president says that the planners our now public property!!! Ya I am glad I wrote things down in my planner because if I didn't that would of been really embarrassing!!
Well I am excited this week. it should be really good with the 12+ lessons we have set before the week even started!!!! Our ward mission leader has a lot to work to do but he made our job a little easier!!!! Also this week I have my first District meeting that I have planned!!! I hope it goes great because I have never planned one... Glad it only has to be a hour and a half!!!! Well I am super excited to see the work start to pick up here in Colorado!!! Its crazy how its not just in my area but the whole mission that the work is picking up! That was my week. I am thankful for all the meetings I had this week. They helped me become a better missionary!!! I have noticed the spirit more present in my life!!! I love and miss everyone!!!
Elder Escudero 

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