Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Nov 25, 2013

Its starting to snow more often here and its great. I love the snow but not as much as a missionary. Thankful for a car but that just means I have to give other missionaries a ride places. Well this week was another week full of meetings!!!!! Its great being a District Leader but it can be a pain at the same time!!! I had my first district meeting this week and it was great!!!! I went over a little bit on time but for my first one I planned it went pretty smooth!!! I am excited for this weeks because it should be pretty fun!!!!
Alright so this week consisted of lots of finding. We have been trying to find and set up a lot of lessons for this week. Which we were very successful at!!!! A lot of our set appointments we had this week fell through but this week will be great, I have great faith that this week will be amazing!!! so once it got to the weekend it got crazy. So Friday had a trainers meeting, the last one for Elder Dennis!!!! I have a church building from 9 to 330... It was really long!!!! Then we tried to work after that but it was dinner and then it got too late to find people, so we were scrambling trying to find something to do!!! Saturday was good. We had a lesson with one of our investigators. Josephine and it was good we taught the Restoration and she was not really engaged but she understood it. She said she would come to church and we were excited for that. Then later that day I had another meeting for our Zone council. Thankfully that one was only an hour!!!! But later that day we had another less with another one of our investigators Jeff. We taught him the Plan of Salvation and he felt the spirit and he admitted it!!! It was huge progress.
So now church came around we had a lot of people to commit to come and I was teaching the second hour of church and I was a little stressed out not going to lie. Then Josephine and her family walked in then Jeff walked in!!! We had 7 investigators at church yesterday. It was awesome!!! So once I got that all taken care of church started and sacrament got over. Josephine and her family went home after that but Jeff stayed for the second hour. I taught the lesson and everyone said it was good haha I hope it was. I got the lesson the day before and only prepared the morning of because that was the only time I had to do it. So I am glad that was over and they all liked church!!! It was great but very crazy!!!! So to end the week it was great!!!! We had people come to church and new investigators!!!! It was amazing. Not very many lessons taught but the ones we did was worth it!!!! 
SO this week is going to be very very busy week. We have already 15+ lessons set up and still need to make more phone calls to set up more!!!! I am so excited to see how much this area has picked up since I have gotten here. It seems like when I got here we had nothing to work with and now we got a lot of people to teach!!!! I can't wait to see what happens next!!!
I love this work, I love seeing the change and happiness this gospel brings into peoples lives!!! It makes me even more happy that I get to share this gospel with others!!! I have learned so much in these last 9 months I have been out here and its insane. I can't believe its been 9 months but it has been. 3 more months and that's a year... I am excited and sort of dreading that day because I hear once you hit your half way point it flies by!!!!!! I wouldn't want to trade these 2 years for anything else!!! I love my mission!!! I love and miss everyone!!! Hope you all have an amazing thanksgiving!!!
Elder Escudero

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