Monday, September 16, 2013

September 9, 2013

SO this week has been crazy!!!! it seemed like we were super busy all week and we were but the lessons we had were a lot lower than we thought. Also we were helping out the other ward a lot too this week.
So this week we teach a lot of less actives in this area so twice a week we help a guy Steve learn more. He has a little mental problem but understands a lot as we come by. We read the Book of Mormon with him and when I got there we finished the last few chapters with him. He is a awesome guy and he is a great grandpa already and is only 58. Pretty incredible guy!!!
Another one we work with is lady Dorris, she is 91 and moving soon. We go over and read with her too and just talk. She has only been baptized for a little over a year now but she is way funny!!!
We are starting to get a list of part member families in our ward to go and teach them because we really don't have anyone to teach. It is really hard in this area to find people to teach. But the bishop and our ward mission leader is seeing that so the are really trying to help us!!!
So we moved out of our house yesterday and into another home for a week which is way at the other end of our area where no one lives. SO we have to bike up that hill everyday. But next week we are moving into a couple who lives 3 miles out of our area and to get to our area is all uphill... Its going to stink but hopefully we can convince our mission president to maybe to a car. I highly doubt that we will but its worth a try!!!!
Yesterday was Labor Day and the Rockies were playing the Dodgers at 2 and it was on our Preparation day so we went to that. It was way fun and the best Baseball game I have ever been to. There was a lot of other missionaries there too because they had the same idea as us!!! I am a Dodgers fan so it was pretty cool that they were playing them and they won 10-8!!!
So since I have been transferred to the cherry creek ward. I have been trying to first get used to the area and people. Also to get back into good studies in the morning. I have been trying to re-read the Book of Mormon and to finish Jesus the Christ. I am half way in both books and I need to finish them!!! I love learning more and more. It is crazy how much I have learned these past 6 months. Oh yeah that is something else that happened this last week which was my 6 month mark!!! I love my Savior and this gospel. It is crazy much you can learn from just reading the Book of Mormon. I love going to church and talking to people!!!
I hope everyone has a wonderful week!!! Love you and miss you guys!
Elder Escudero

August 26, 2013

From Grandview to Cherry Creek!!!! Transfers was quick and easy. My new companion Elder Daley is great!!! We have a lot of fun while we work. The work is way different in this ward because we work with a lot of less active members versus working with members trying to get referrals. The biking is way easy. It is a small area and not very many hills which I am thankful for!!
So this week was mostly me getting used to the area. My companion was showing me around and taking me to see people that they normally see. My job or I guess goal is trying to get everyone's name down in 2 more weeks!!! I am doing good so far but I still have a lot of work.
So for the week I went on exchanges with the District leader, Elder Matheson. They have a car in their area because of a lot of hills but of course they don't have any miles so we had to bike everywhere. I got to know a lot of people from their area but it was lil confusing for me!! Because I just got used to my new area!!!! 

My new area does not have any investigators at this time but this week Elder Daley and I set some big goals to find some people to teach. Hopefully as we go out and really go hard this next week, we will find someone that is ready!!! I am really excited to see what happens. I am now closer to downtown Denver which I am excited about. Also on Saturday we had a stake fair which was way cool to talk to a lot of random people that I had no clue who they were. Also this week we were able to go to the temple. I was so excited to go. I love being in the temple because it is so peaceful and I can go and ask questions that have.
It is pretty hard to adjust to a new area but I think that I am getting there. The people are super nice here and hopefully I can add things that I have learned from my last area and apply them here!!! I have been having some pretty good studies lately and have been learning a lot. I have been reading more out of Jesus The Christ and I learn more about my Savior everyday. I love serving a mission and I love being in Colorado. I know I have been placed here for a specific reason and I can't wait to find out. I love and miss everyone and thank you for all the support.
Elder Escudero 

August 19,2013

Today is transfer day and after 6 months in one area, I am finally being transferred about 7 miles north of where i am now!!! Not very far but I am excited, it is a biking area but very small area too!!! So it will be a big change from a 13 X 6 mile area to a 1 X 2 mile area!!!! All I have to say is I hate packing when you are restricted to 2 suitcase and my back pack... Lets just say I made it all fit!!! My new companion's name is Elder Daily and I haven't met him yet, so we will see. I get on a van in a little bit to be transferred. Elder Harley in our district is also being transferred and we had to fit all of the stuff into a small Toyota Corolla so the shocks were all the way down so we were low riding until we unloaded everything at the stake center. Yesterday we pretty much just went around and said goodbye to people. Also yesterday at church Caitlyn was confirmed a member of the church. I am pretty happy i got to be a part of that before I left.
So of course like normal the work really started to pick up right before transfers. Caitlyn's family is now interested, so we were able to teach her mom this week and a less active just became active and brought her friend to church and she is really interested and told me that she will be baptized soon!!! But I am excited because if they get baptized I will be able to come back and see them.
We worked pretty hard this week where we saw quick a bit of success. We worked a lot out of the area book because I knew that a lot of these people have moved or would still be really interested. We actually were able to find a couple out of it where they could be a big possibility of taking the lessons again.
The weather has been pretty hot lately and hopefully will be cooling off soon. I can't wait to see what is in store with me in the cherry creek ward. I have notice a change in this week than all the other weeks because of how we were exactly obedient to every little thing that heavenly father helps us out with the rest. He will pour out the miracles as we follow the guidelines that he has given us!!! I have seen a difference in myself and I am happy about it. I will miss the Grandview Ward but I have made some life time friends there that i will never forget!! I love and miss everyone. I hope everyone has a great week.
Elder Escudero

August 12, 2013

Good Morning from COLORADO!!!! Well this week was really rough!!! So on Tuesday we put our car into the shop because the previous missionaries that had this car ran into a cement pole... So we have been biking all week in a 13 by 6 mile area and lots and lots of hills. Pretty great!!! It was especially awesome because it rained all week... Didn't hear about it so of course we don't have rain jackets haha But is was a lot of fun to walk into peoples home soaked and drenched!!! Hopefully we got the car back this Tuesday!!! 

So every single one of our lessons this week was cancelled... Everyone either forgot or the were not available. We also had our Zone conference this week and it was way good. Talked a lot about new ways to help people come unto Christ and to work with members!!! I always enjoy these big conferences because I learn sooo Much!!!!  

SO on Friday we got a exciting call from our mission president that Caitlyn could be baptized anytime now!!! So we called her and she called us back and said how about this Sunday!!! We were like absolutely!!! SO we planned it and got everything ready and yesterday I had my first convert baptism. I gave a talk on baptism and there were so many people there that the room was packed. I have never seen so many people at a baptism!!! 

Well even though it was a rough week, Sunday was great!!! We had a baptism, we got 2 new investigators and now we are working on the rest of Caitlyns family who is interested now!!! It was a great way to end the week!!! 

I love this gospel and I have a very deep testimony now. I am working on having a Testimony like Jacob in the Book of Mormon which his is unshakable, which I can say that I am getting there. I have seen a lot of miracles in the last 6 months!!! Cant wait to see what is next!!! I love and miss every one!!!

Elder Escudero 

August 5th, 2013

Wow has this past week flown by!!! Kind of been a roller coaster for me and my companion but in the end it has been good. There was a couple of huge rain storms that came this last week which was insane. I never have seen a river formed in a parking lot in less than 5 minutes haha Kind of sucked to work when you didn't have a coat either!!!
We did a couple service projects this week where one we helped a senior home move books into the building for their book sale. I got claimed by one of the ladies there as her son haha It was pretty funny because she told me that I could have any book I wanted and if anyone stopped you for not paying, say your mom gave it to you haha That was fun and we also helped at the animal rescue place again. It always is a fun place to go to and help the animals.
SO we did not have a baptism this Sunday... Caitlyn passed the interview with our mission president then a hour later he calls us and says that he has to write a letter to the first presidency. He didn't think it was a problem at all but apparently for anything you have to write a letter. So he wrote one and called the first presidency on Saturday. So hopefully we get a response pretty quick about it. Caitlyn was pretty upset about it but she was more frustrated that she had to call everyone and cancel the baptism. So we went over and she said that she prayed about it and feels better about it but still frustrated!!! Fingers crossed that we hear something about her baptism this week!
This transfer has flown by!!! I can't believe that its already week 5 of the transfer!!! I am excited to go to the temple on the 21st of this month!! I am going to do some family names that I have found!!! This week is going to be rough without a car. So the car is going in for repairs and we have a lot of appointments this week and 8-10 days with out a car in the area that i am in is pretty tough!!! But I will survive and probably will have some thunder thighs haha Well not a very exciting week but we mostly work with members to become missionaries themselves but it is a work in progress. Hope everyone is doing good!!! Thank you for support you give me. I really do appreciate it!!! Love you guys!!
Elder Escudero