Sunday, March 16, 2014

Hello Everyone!!! So this week was pretty rough due to we didn't know anyone and it was cold!!!!!! We were walking most of the time in it and then finally we got let in somewhere. But it was -7 but the wind chill made it -21. Lots of fun. So Elder Dana and I the first couple of days was creating a game plan to figure out what this ward needs. We were left a list of people to visit and we got to visit a couple of them but it was quick short visits. Then we were back out into the cold. I wish I had something to say that was really cool this week but I don't... My new companion Elder Dana is awesome!!! He is very easy to get along with and we have a lot in common which is amazing. 

So this week we did some service at Barr lake. It is a state park and they were getting ready for their eagle day. So we showed up and the other elders were painting toilet paper rolls for a arts and crafts thing. While Elder Dana and I shoveled snow off of a bridge trail to a pavilion. That was a long bridge trail and it seemed like it would never end!!! But we got it done and it was good to help out. I haven't been doing very much service due to my last area didn't have very much service stuff to do. But I am glad this area does because I love doing service!!! 

So it is crazy that my year mark is coming up in a couple weeks and it is scary to know i only have a year left. I have loved my mission. It has taught me of what kind of person my heavenly father wants me to be. I have had my ups and my downs of my mission but my downs have taught me so much and how to seek help. I also just this morning finished the Book Of Mormon. I have gained a greater love and understanding for that book than i have ever in my whole life. I love all the teachings it gives us to any situation in life. It gives us the plan of how to return to our heavenly father and it is laid out so simply. I have a year left on my mission but it will be a year that will change my life forever!! I can't wait to see what my heavenly father has in store for me!!!

I love and miss everyone!!!! and here is a video I found that i really like! Enjoy!

Elder Escudero

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