Sunday, March 16, 2014

January 27, 2014

             Hello from broncos territory where I am standing my SEAHAWKS ground!!!! Oh man has this week has been crazy!!! So Elder Christian and I worked really hard this week and changed our ways of everything!!! We are only in peoples houses for exactly and hour and we are back out into the cold!! It was very successful due to we had a lot of lessons!!! We focused on finding new people to teach and we have 5 potential people we could start teaching this next week. So this week we saw lots of less actives where we saw a couple stay all 3 hours at church on Sunday which is amazing!! Also we got to see a couple of our less actives Robert and Jeff who we haven't seen in a very long time. So Robert we went in and shared a scripture about prayer and we found finally his concern with progressing and that is because he asked once received an answer that he is fine where he is. So we are going to ask again about the church and everything and hopefully we can get a different out come!!! So we saw Jeff this past weekend and that was really good. We did service for him like always and then had a lesson. So we focused on prayed and overcoming trials and it went very well. Shared lots of scriptures with him that helped him push on. Then afterwards we gave him a blessing on comfort and after the blessing. He said he finally found peace! He finally is starting to progress.So the Knowlton family we haven't been able to get a hold of them and so hopefully we can get them to be baptized this upcoming weekend.
So besides the teaching I have been great. I think I finally have gotten the hang of this missionary stuff!!! It is very hard work and 11 months into it, it is definitely rewarding. I have seen me grow up a lot in the last 11 months that I definitely would not have been able to do at home. I have found out so many things and I love helping people find the gospel!!! It really is the best thing I can do in my life. To see the changes in others makes me feel really good. I know that we have a loving Heavenly Father who loves each one of us and knows our needs. He sometimes as to tell you things a million times before you finally get it!!! Happened to me this week. I have found that reading the Book of Mormon brings me so much comfort and peace than anything else. I love my mission so much and all the changes it has done to me.
SO the weather was pretty good this past week but now it is snowing and it is suppose to get a lot colder in the next few weeks. I love the snow but I hate it as a missionary!!!! Especially when all you have is a bike or you walk... But Colorado needs the moisture because it prevents the drought. But anyways all is good. I am loving life and looking forward to where I can serve. Transfers are next week so if you don't hear from me its okay. I will email on Tuesday!!! I love and miss everyone!!!
Elder Escudero 

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