Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Jan 6, 2014 HAPPY 2014!

Hello everyone!!!! SO this week was a little different still because it still is the holidays but now the holidays are over. It finally stopped snowing as of today. It started on Friday night and stopped Monday morning. Walking all day in it was not very fun!!! But it was very successful.
So this week we read a talk by Elder Corbridge called the forth missionary and we had a zone meeting where we talked about it then we got a challenge from our Zone Leaders to knock 150 doors in a week. It did not matter who was behind the door as long as it was a door. We called it knock'em  alive. Also on new years eve we had to go in early at 6 and stay in. This is probably the first New Years Eve where I went to bed before midnight, haha. Kind of lame but mission holidays are always different.
Anyways we taught a less active this week and he is starting to come back to church. He only has been baptized for a little over a year but he fell away but wants to receive the priesthood!!! So that was pretty exciting also while it was snowing all day I was on exchanges with Elder Russell who is one of our Zone Leaders and we walked all day. We gave blessings to people, we did service, and we tracted. We did everything all day. But within that day I got 6 new potential investigators out of the 13 doors we knocked that day. It was incredible. I knew that if we worked hard that we would find success. So I can see because of our hard work we were able to find new people to teach.
Elder Christian my companion is doing good. I feel like I have so many easy companions that this one just feels a little harder. I know that he is a new missionary but there is just something different. I am trying to figure it out but we will see how that goes.
I made a lot of new years resolution and most of them have applied to being a better missionary because I know, especially after this week that the harder you work. The more success you see!!! I love and miss everyone!!
Elder Escudero

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