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Dec 2, 2013

Alright so this week was a little crazy. So Monday night we got a phone call saying that they we going to take our car... When I saw it was an assistant calling me. two things popped in my head 1. What did I do? 2. What's the worst that could happen? Yep the worst thing for a missionary. Taking your car!!! The sister missionaries got in a accident and needed a replacement so they took ours... I wasn't a very happy camper but I got over it!!!! Well anyways since the next morning they took it. The Zone Leaders had to pick us up for a meeting for all the leaders in the mission. So Elder Dennis had to go with another District leaders companion while we went to the meeting!!!! The meeting was really good and I felt better trained to be a District Leader.
So on Wednesday I went on exchanges with one of the Zone Leaders and went to their area. Right now they don't have any work because they were both transferred in last transfer and got the half of the area where there is no work... So pretty much we talked to everyone we saw and tracted a lot!!!! We met some very interesting people who either wanted to argue or who were somewhat interested!!! One really cool experience from that day was that when we were actually tracting!!! So we were in a part of their area where they have some big houses and we were knocking and no one was answering. So Elder Aguayo saw a guy outside working on his deck so we went and saw if he needed help he said no. So we walked down the street and skipped a lot of houses then Elder Aguayo looked and pointed at a house and said I want to teach in this house, lets go in it!!!! I said we probably should knock first before we enter some ones house, he was like ya that's true. So we went up to this house and knocked and a lady answered the door and we said who we were and why we were here. She was almost in tears the entire time then she was telling us how her husband lost her job today and we asked where does he work? She said the broncos. His name is Kevin Vickerson!!! She found out a little bit ago that he dislocated his hip when they played the patriots. So she really needed comfort and so she was about to send a bible verse to her husband for comfort and before she wrote the last word she looked out the window and saw black pants and a white shirt and she said missionaries!!! Saw we walked to her house and she opened the door. As we bore sincere testimony to her see understood and was very receptive to our message!!! It is another testimony builder for me, Elder Aguayo and her that Heavenly Father is mindful of all his children!!! I will never forget that experience. As we were talking the spirit was so strong and Elder Aguayo and I were almost in tears!!! That was the highlight of my week!!!
Thanksgiving!!! SO in the morning we had District meeting. That was good. I actually finished on time this week haha Then we only had one dinner planned that day then the other set of missionaries asked us if we wanted to come with them to there dinners!! I said yes and we had 3 dinners within 4 hours... I have never been so stuffed in my life!!! I thought I was going to die!!! But it was a really good thanksgiving. I got to spend it with some awesome families that would do anything for missionaries!!!!
So the next few days was full of visiting as many people as we could and it was great!!! So on Saturday we saw our investigator Jeff. We did a lot of service for him before we had a lesson and he was very grateful for that. So we taught the gospel of Jesus Christ to him. Very simple lesson where we planned on inviting him to be baptized. So we started and when we got to the point we planned to invite I had Elder Dennis, invite him and you could tell he was very nervous at the time. So finally he invited and he said no. He said he has already been baptized in his church and he said he believes the that the rabbi had the right priesthood authority. I am thankful Jeff's friend was there to explain that one because I didn't want to be the one to offend him saying that we know that we are the only church that has that priesthood authority, which is true but I tried my best to explain it to him and we weren't really able to totally resolve it but we found his concern. Jeff isn't reading and asking if the Book of Mormon is true. It truly comes down to that. Is the Book of Mormon is true then what we taught you is true then we have the Priesthood which gives us that authority to baptize and do other ordinances!!! So we have a pretty good game plan for next week!!!
So Sunday was pretty fun. So our other investigators came to church!!!!!!  Which was awesome because they really are progressing!!! Then after church we headed over to Jeff's church to celebrate Hanukkah with him!!! That was actually really cool. A lot of people didn't know we were Mormon until we started talking a little bit then they asked and found out so I guess that is cool!!! The celebration was pretty cool. I never knew the meaning of Hanukkah but now I do!!
So that pretty much was my week. It was crazy but pretty cool at the same time. I can't believe that I will be 20 in a week... It freaks me out a bit but I am excited at the same time!!!! This week is going to be very cold also. Starting this Wednesday and on the weather will be a high of 20 all week... Not excited for that but it will be all good!!!!
Thank you for all of your support that you give me!!!! I really do appreciate it and it gives me that extra push to work harder. I love and miss everyone!!! Have a great week!!!
Elder Escudero

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