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Dec 9, 2013 "Hello From the Colorado ICE AGE"

Hello Everyone!!! So I survived the negatives all week!!! from Wed- Sat it didn't get above 10 degrees... Ya we tried to stay inside homes as long as we could!!!!  It was pretty crazy as Denver hit a record low!!! The work went really slow this week due to the snow and cold though... We couldn't ride bikes because it was unsafe and walking took to long and we didn't want to be out side longer than we had to be!!!
Anyways this week I went on exchanges with a missionary in my District Elder Vea!!! That was fun!! We pretty much put two greenies in charge of a area to hopefully help them become more independent than just relying on their companion to do everything!!!! It definitely has helped my companion Elder Dennis!! I have found myself starting to follow him instead of him following me!!! Its been great to be able to train him and see his growth!!!! Its crazy that this is the last week of training for him! I definitely can say that he is ready to take over an area. I know if he did he would be come an even better missionary.
So District meeting this week was eventful!!! Elder Dennis and I had to walk there and it was maybe 3 degrees and then we had to wait for the building to get unlocked before we could get in... So I was pretty cold and a little grumpy but I had to get over that quick because an assistant to the mission president came to my district meeting. So there was a little pressure!!! But the meeting went great and we got a ride after the meeting so we didn't have to walk. So a lot of our appointments cancelled on us because they didn't want us to travel all the way there in the cold... It was a little frustrating but I guess they were just looking out for us!!! Besides that church went great this week!!!! The night before I texted one of our investigators and asked then if they were coming to church and she said yes!!!! Then she continued to say how since she has been coming to church see has now found more hope!!! And she was glad that the church accepted her and her family!!! So she came to church and with her family and we have an appointment with her this week!!! We are so excited to invite her to be baptized and make that first covenant with our heavenly father. They love coming to church and the environment it is for their family!!! Its great. This week is going to be awesome!!!
So there was a talk one of the assistants to the Presidents gave me and its about purifying yourself in 40 days!!! I will send a separate email because it is too big to attach to this email!!! But I also attached a couple pictures to this email. One is a picture of all the Colorado springs missionaries who are in leadership positions!!! All but 4 were there!!!! The other one is a picture of my first District!!!! 
Well its the last week of the transfer so we will see Saturday if I stay or not. I have no idea!!!! We will see, I hope I stay because of the work I have put into this area!!! I want to see the people enter into the waters of baptism while I still am here!!! Can't wait!!! Well I hope everyone has a warm week!!!! Love ya and miss you guys!!!
Elder Escudero  

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