Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Nov 12, 2013

This week has been really busy!!!! It was the last week of the transfer and I knew that miracles happen in the last week and they did!!! So this week we taught a lot of lessons and mostly were to less actives. But we saw Mike and taught him the 1st lesson which was the restoration and I love this lesson because of how much it can bring the spirit into someone's home!!!! I have been trying to get as many lessons for Elder Dennis to teach as I can because I know that the more you teach the better you get!!! He has improved so much since the first time he has taught it. I can see the growth in him in the past 6 weeks. 
We also got to go on splits with the Bishop and the ward missionaries. So Elder Dennis and I split up. He was a little nervous leaving me but he went with the bishop so I knew he would be good. I went with our ward mission leader and we went to the Sosa families home. The dad is less active an no one else in the home has been baptized. So brother Turnbow ( The ward mission leader) knew them pretty good and I never knew them. So he introduce me and we talked for a little bit to the wife and the wife's sister. They invited us back over to teach and eat with them, so we got some new people to teach. When we went back over it was only the wife's sister and her kids. We didn't really teach one specific lesson but she really wanted to know what we believed in. Her name is Josephine. She lost her husband to cancer this year and moved here from Nevada to be closer to family!!! She started telling us her beliefs and they were pretty dang close to our beliefs!!! So taught her a lot of different things and said that she wants to come to church and see what it is like and get a feel for it. So this Sunday coming up is when she said she will come and a lot of the family said they would come too!!!! So that is like 10+ people there!!!!!
Also we taught Jeff, he is a messianic Jew (Christian Jew). We taught him the restoration of the gospel and he accepted a lot of it. He said he would read the Book of Mormon and come to church this Sunday also!!! We are getting a lot of people to come to church!!!! We are going to go to his church on December 1st which is the 1st day of Hanukah!!! I am pretty excited for that!!!!
So transfers came up and I stayed of course because I am training still but I also got called to be a District leader which means I am over 4 to 12 missionaries to help and uplift them!!!! Its a lot of work but it should be good. We also moved into a apartment yesterday. We have nothing in it but our clothes and a couple air mattresses but we should get furniture this week sometime!!!! Also we got a car!!! Somebody told us its cause I am a District leaders but I don't believe it haha So a lot of new changes happened. The Zone I was in which consisted if 4 districts split in half and now I am in the Denver South Zone! In the cherry creek District!!!! So ya Elder Dennis and I keep on working hard and hopefully will start seeing a lot of success this transfer.
I love and miss you all!!! Hope everyone has a good week!!!! I attached a couple pictures. One is of my and my companion Elder Dennis and the other is a elephant from the zoo. We went last week!!! Hope to hear from you guys soon!!!
Elder Escudero

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