Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Oct 21, 2013

Hello everyone!!!! So this week we were pretty busy!!! Which means a lot of biking in 30 degree weather. In the beginning of the week we went of exchanges so I was with a Tongan missionary all day. I was pretty excited for that. We had a lot of fun but also worked real hard. His name is Elder Vea and he isn't related to the any of the 3 Vea families in our ward.
Training is going pretty good, Elder Dennis is still really quiet in lessons but hopefully he will open up more. It is really good that our ward is trying to keep us busy because that gives us time to practice our lessons with people.  Elder Dennis is still trying to learn them and I am trying to help him learn them quick!!! He is having a little trouble with teaching simply but that is a easy fix. He is really smart and wants to add everything to the lessons but I had to explain to him that we have to teach that ever a 7 year old could understand it.
Also its awesome that the ward is trying to go out with us everyday! Our bishop has a goal of getting 20 member present in lessons a week. We were barely getting 1 a week and this last week we got 9 and that's a huge improvement!!!! I cant wait to see if we can get 20 member present lessons. That would be incredible!
Also this week we got a random phone from a member in a different stake about someone who moved into our area who need service and he wasn't a member. We were all for it. SO we went and helped him, His name was Jeff, and while we were there he says: " you guys changed my whole perspective on the Mormon faith". I thought that was awesome, just because we were willing to sacrifice part of our day to help him he was extremely grateful.
Also this Sunday was ward conference and of course the focus was on missionary work!!! It was really good because I think it got the ward really looking forward to coming out with us and doing missionary work themselves!!! I am excited to see this area grow. The bishop said that there is about 17,000 people in our area and that's huge because our area is only 2 miles by 2 miles... A lot of people in a small area!!!!
The weather is starting to get a lot colder and they say this is going to be a bad winter. I am not really excited for that. Due to that I ride a bike... But that also means that we will walk... I have been fighting a cold and I think I am winning because I haven't gotten sick. (Knock on wood). That's been my week, we have 8 investigators now but no one is progressing yet. I hope they will soon and we will start to see the miracles.
I love my mission, I love training, and I love this work. I wouldn't trade it for anything. Thank you for all the support. I love and miss everyone!!
Elder Escudero

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