Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Oct 28, 2013

Alrighty, so this week has been super eventful!!!! So on Tuesday we went to the library to do Mormon.org profile stuff and after that we went to get our bikes to go to an appointment and on our way we were riding on the sidewalk and there was some high school kids walking extremely slow. So I saw there was no oncoming traffic, so I hopped off the curb and Elder Dennis followed. I saw a drive way up ahead so I got back onto the curb. Then from behind I hear metal sliding and I turn around and Elder Dennis is on the ground and he looked in pain!! So I went back and he got up fine. Had a little limp and some road rash. Also his front rim looked like a taco. So I had to start making some phone calls. We got him patched up but he was a little sore. So we took it easy that day. We got him a spare bike so we didn't have to walk and we went back to work!!!!
Elder Dennis is doing great. Training him is a lot of fun because he asks questions and isn't afraid to go for it and just teach which is great. I just like the training program because it gets me out of the normal missionary routine. It gets me to try new things and ideas. Oh also this week we had interviews with our Mission President!!! I love interviews because I can ask any question that I want to ask him. Usually I try to get transfer predictions out of him to see if I am staying or leaving soon and it sounds like I will be staying in Aurora for awhile. Hopefully through Christmas because I don't want to go to a new area for Christmas. Also something extremely cool I found out is that anytime from now to April. Every mission should have IPads and IPhones!!!!!!!!!! Also what our mission president said is that every missionary will get his own IPad and it goes with them from area to area and after their mission they get to take them home. He said that is what they are saying right now but it can change before we get them. But I am pretty excited for that!!!!
Okay here is the highlight of our week. IPhones and Ipads was pretty big but this was much bigger!!!! So on Friday we were riding our bikes up the hill we have to go up o get to our area and we are huffin and puffin all the way up and we pass an apartment complex and this big black guy comes out and is like hey when are you coming over? I was like ummmm when do you want us to come over? He said how about today? I looked at my planner and I was like 8 and he said something earlier? so I looked again and said 5??? And he was like alright see you then. I was a little confused on what just happened but I also think a lack of oxygen played a big role in the confusion too. So we went through our day and then went to see Mike, That's the guys name. So I didn't know if he was an investigator or not. So I prepared Elder Dennis to invite him to be baptized at certain part of lessons depending on what lesson we teach. So we go in and introduce ourselves and then I asked some questions about him. He is from New Mexico. Played for University of Utah for football. Met a girl there and her mom sent the missionaries to his house and gave him the discussions and 3 months later he got baptized and at this point, I was like oh he is a less active. But then he went on to say that he got divorced recently and pushed the church away from his life. He knew something was missing and his friend lost his job and Mike was talking to him. His friend was confused why he got fired and mike said you aren't doing gods will and then it hit him. He was talking the talk but not walking the walk! Then he saw us riding our bikes all the time and finally Friday when we rode pas he decided he needs help, so that is why he ran out to stop us!!! He wants to come back to church and get his 3 kids involved too!!! It is extremely cool how just us riding our bikes around can help people realize that they need to come back to church. He is one of the coolest guys I have met so far!!!! He also played arena football for 2 years!!! But ya that was our cool story for the week!!!!
Oh then he next day kind of went downhill from there. Elder Dennis got the stomach flu... So while he slept for 18 hours. I was extremely bored!!!! So I learned to play a hymn on the piano, watched a couple church movies, and slept also. I was soooo bored. I haven't been that bored in a long time but I am glad it was only for one day unless I don't know what I would of done!!!
Well that's my roller coaster week, I think the roller coaster part is for my companion Elder Dennis!! But all is good. We are working hard and inviting others to come unto Christ. That's our purpose as missionaries and we are sticking to it!!! I love my mission and can't wait to see how much I grow in the next few months. I love this gospel and how simple it is. I love my Savior and all that he has done for me. I love my Heavenly Father and the love that he shows me everyday!!! I love you all and miss you bunches!!! Thanks for all of the support!
P.S. Here is a picture of Elder Dennis's tire!!! I keep forgetting to take a picture of me and him so I will do that next week! Also this is my zone and Elder Corbridge of the quorum of the seventy who came and spoke to us a couple months ago!
Elder Escudero

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