Monday, September 16, 2013

September 9, 2013

SO this week has been crazy!!!! it seemed like we were super busy all week and we were but the lessons we had were a lot lower than we thought. Also we were helping out the other ward a lot too this week.
So this week we teach a lot of less actives in this area so twice a week we help a guy Steve learn more. He has a little mental problem but understands a lot as we come by. We read the Book of Mormon with him and when I got there we finished the last few chapters with him. He is a awesome guy and he is a great grandpa already and is only 58. Pretty incredible guy!!!
Another one we work with is lady Dorris, she is 91 and moving soon. We go over and read with her too and just talk. She has only been baptized for a little over a year now but she is way funny!!!
We are starting to get a list of part member families in our ward to go and teach them because we really don't have anyone to teach. It is really hard in this area to find people to teach. But the bishop and our ward mission leader is seeing that so the are really trying to help us!!!
So we moved out of our house yesterday and into another home for a week which is way at the other end of our area where no one lives. SO we have to bike up that hill everyday. But next week we are moving into a couple who lives 3 miles out of our area and to get to our area is all uphill... Its going to stink but hopefully we can convince our mission president to maybe to a car. I highly doubt that we will but its worth a try!!!!
Yesterday was Labor Day and the Rockies were playing the Dodgers at 2 and it was on our Preparation day so we went to that. It was way fun and the best Baseball game I have ever been to. There was a lot of other missionaries there too because they had the same idea as us!!! I am a Dodgers fan so it was pretty cool that they were playing them and they won 10-8!!!
So since I have been transferred to the cherry creek ward. I have been trying to first get used to the area and people. Also to get back into good studies in the morning. I have been trying to re-read the Book of Mormon and to finish Jesus the Christ. I am half way in both books and I need to finish them!!! I love learning more and more. It is crazy how much I have learned these past 6 months. Oh yeah that is something else that happened this last week which was my 6 month mark!!! I love my Savior and this gospel. It is crazy much you can learn from just reading the Book of Mormon. I love going to church and talking to people!!!
I hope everyone has a wonderful week!!! Love you and miss you guys!
Elder Escudero

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