Monday, September 16, 2013

August 5th, 2013

Wow has this past week flown by!!! Kind of been a roller coaster for me and my companion but in the end it has been good. There was a couple of huge rain storms that came this last week which was insane. I never have seen a river formed in a parking lot in less than 5 minutes haha Kind of sucked to work when you didn't have a coat either!!!
We did a couple service projects this week where one we helped a senior home move books into the building for their book sale. I got claimed by one of the ladies there as her son haha It was pretty funny because she told me that I could have any book I wanted and if anyone stopped you for not paying, say your mom gave it to you haha That was fun and we also helped at the animal rescue place again. It always is a fun place to go to and help the animals.
SO we did not have a baptism this Sunday... Caitlyn passed the interview with our mission president then a hour later he calls us and says that he has to write a letter to the first presidency. He didn't think it was a problem at all but apparently for anything you have to write a letter. So he wrote one and called the first presidency on Saturday. So hopefully we get a response pretty quick about it. Caitlyn was pretty upset about it but she was more frustrated that she had to call everyone and cancel the baptism. So we went over and she said that she prayed about it and feels better about it but still frustrated!!! Fingers crossed that we hear something about her baptism this week!
This transfer has flown by!!! I can't believe that its already week 5 of the transfer!!! I am excited to go to the temple on the 21st of this month!! I am going to do some family names that I have found!!! This week is going to be rough without a car. So the car is going in for repairs and we have a lot of appointments this week and 8-10 days with out a car in the area that i am in is pretty tough!!! But I will survive and probably will have some thunder thighs haha Well not a very exciting week but we mostly work with members to become missionaries themselves but it is a work in progress. Hope everyone is doing good!!! Thank you for support you give me. I really do appreciate it!!! Love you guys!!
Elder Escudero  

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