Sunday, August 4, 2013

July 29th, 2013

Hello from Colorado!!! This week has been pretty tiring, we have been low on miles so we have been biking a lot. Elder Goldade had a couple tire flats this week but we fixed them immediately!! I hope I don't get any flats anytime soon!!! FINGERS CROSSED!!! So as I was reading through my emails today the assistants to the mission president always send a email to all the missionaries about tune ups and a boost of encouragement. They also put a link up to a mormon message video that is really powerful. If you ever need any relief this is the video for you!!! Here is the link It is way good!!!
Well anyways this week has been great!! We have trying to get as many lessons as we can with everybody we come in contact with!!! Its is the standard that our mission president wants from us to get 20 lessons a week. Our ward mission leader helps us to accomplish this goal. We are working towards it and hopefully we can get it. Usually we share lessons at dinner with members but those don't count as lessons anymore. So it got a lot harder but I know that we can do it!
So this next Sunday we have our first baptism!!!! Caitlyn is finally there and she is so ready!!! I know that Satan is working on her and she knows that. It has been a rough journey but after Sunday Satan has lost his battle. We really are all in a battle with Satan, everyday we need to think about the little things that he does to get us off the path but as we think about the end result and lean on the savior we can win each little battle.
So I really love this new Just serve program that the mission is piloting. We have been getting our name out there and just giving service for organizations. We are really starting to see success from it.
We also have been working with the less actives. A lot in this ward are hard to get to come back to church because they have a legitimate reason why they don't come. But we are starting to create solutions to help them!!! A lot of the programs we have help is for everyone and a lot of the less actives just don't know what they are missing!!!
I have been reflecting a lot just on myself and I know I can do better. There is always room for improvement and I want to be the best missionary that I know I can be!!! I have been watching a lot videos that that Elder Goldade has and they are amazing!! It truly has shown me that I can do it. All I have to do is the little things ask for help and study it out. I love serving my heavenly father in this great cause and I love everyone in this area!!! Thanks for everyone's support!!! Hope everyone has a great week!!
Elder Escudero

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