Sunday, August 4, 2013

July 22nd 2013

Well last week was pretty great! So after our preparation day was over we went to dinner then to a lesson with members. The other set of Elders had dinner in the same apartment complex as we had our lesson. So we got out at the same time and of course they need a ride. So they loaded up their bikes and Elder Harley said hey there is some people playing some basketball over there, we should play them!! I was like alright. So I went to tell my companion elder Goldade and before I finished my sentence he got out of the car and pulled a head band down and started walking haha So we went over and we asked them if they wanted to play and they started laughing!! But they accepted. So the hoop had no back board so it was a little trickier. So we started playing and it was bad. We were playing to 21 and it was 6-1 them. Then one of us drained a 2. Oh and we were only playing 2's and 1's haha so all of sudden it was 12-12. They started to get scared and started to play harder. Then it was 20-16 them and Elder Goldade made a comment to a younger kid on the other team and said watch out for him, he is a little slow haha Everyone started cracking up. Elder Goldade meant to say sneaky. But that kid made the last point and they won but for some missionaries who never play basketball on a team. We did pretty good!!!
So Caitlin our investigator she is still on track for being baptised on August 4th. We had a meeting with her this week and it was great. We brought the relief society president with us to get to know her and to explain what relief society is. Also we talked about the baptism program with her. Sister Pulsipher (The Relief Society President) Told her that since she has a baptism date that Satan will be working on her more than ever. She was right. They ended up not coming to church and other little things keep on happening. She told me last night that she has noticed that since the date was set that life has been the hardest it has ever been. Which I knew would happen. Satan doesn't want her to make this covenant with Heavenly Father and sees the potential in her.
Something we learned in our last training meeting is that as heavenly father is hastening his work all over the world. Satan is doing the same. A elder related it to a story in the Book of Mormon when Captain Moroni was fighting and he was fighting at his best and when he was at his best the enemies fought like dragons. So it is pretty scary to imagine that but it really is true. I have seen it in many situations since I have been out. Satan doesn't want this work to progress and will do anything he can to stop it. I am grateful for the opportunity to help people out of this trap and to put them back on the path.
Since being in the new mission there has been a lot of changes. We work a lot with our ward mission leader in coordination lessons and dinners. We have to get 20 lessons a week and that includes everything. Sometimes it is hard because we have a lot of meetings in the week . Also because of the 10 hours of Just serve program a week but it is possible. This has been the most exhausting thing I have ever done but it is so rewarding in the end. I have made some life long friends since i have been out. I have seen things were I knew that there was no possible way that it could of happened but it is great. I love my mission, I will never stop saying it because I do!! I love the people and I love the missionaries I get to serve around! I am doing AMAZING!! I can't wait to see what else the lord has in store for me and the people around me! I love and miss everyone!!
Elder Escudero

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