Sunday, August 4, 2013

July 1st Officially in the Denver North Mission

Denver North Mission BABY!!!!

So this was my last week in the Colorado Colorado Springs Mission. It was pretty slow but good at the same time.
Most of the week was a lot of service. It was pretty much moving people!! Like normal in this ward we did 3 moves this week. One of them took 2 days and oh boy did they have a lot of heavy stuff. Also we helped the Bishops wife with a stall in the barn. She is making it comfier for the horses. We also have been helping an investigator drop some trees in his back yard!!! That was fun!!! But ya that was a lot of the service this week.

So since our car had to be parked for most of the week, we had to bike a lot. One day was insane. We got finished with the move and then we had to go to dinner which was by the church 8 miles away... So we biked there and then after dinner we had to bike all the way back and some to go to a lesson so within 3 hours we biked close to 20 miles... My legs were dead but I definitely can tell I am getting in shape!
That lesson we went to was with Caitlyn. We have finished all of the lessons with her so we go and teach random lessons and answer questions. Elder Goldade and I decided that morning that we needed to set a baptism date to push her wedding up closer. We considered what they told us of late August so we set it for August 25th. The last Sunday in August. She accepted and we were excited to see what would happen with the wedding. On Friday we had our district meeting and she called me and left a voice-mail saying to call back because she had a question. So I called back and told me that Corry and her decided to get married on July 10th and asked if bishop could marry them and I said of course and I gave her Bishops number!!! Oh boy I was sooo excited. I played as Bishops secretary in this whole thing as I was setting up appointments for him! But ya it is exciting. So we will be moving up her baptism date up sooner than later!!! This was the high light of my week.
There was a sick lightning storm this week!! Oh and it rained super hard and huge hail. It dropped 30 degrees in 15 minutes!!! We sat on the porch and watch the lightning forever until we had to go to bed!!! But our room lit up all night!!!
So Sunday was pretty crazy. I got told like a half an hour before being picked up that I was teaching the Preach my gospel class. Good thing it was Preach my Gospel and it was on the first lesson!!! I guess I did a good job because that is what everyone said haha I have no idea what I said. Then the 3rd hour was all about the new program that the Denver North Mission is Piloting called Just Serve. Super pumped to get started on that!! Then we had to pack because a family is moving into bishops home while thy are gone and they have little kids so we got the boot. But we moved right back into the Maughns and Sister Maughn was sooo excited to see me!! She calls me her son now haha But ya we are all moved in and loving be back at the Maughns.
So now that I am officially in the Denver North mission it is exciting. I am excited to see the changes, I am excited to meet new people and i am excited to see how I grow. This morning we went into our new mission and went to the driving range. It was fun to hit some golf balls!!!! I love change and adapting to new things. I will have 3 missions presidents on my mission. Way crazy but cool!!! I do miss everyone and love all the support you give me. Can't wait to see what else is coming up for me!!!
Elder Escudero

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