Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May 28, 2013  Due to Memorial Day and libraries closed He got to email today....His address will be changing on Saturday 6/1 and transfers are next week so if you are mailing anything tomorrow 5/29 will be the last day until we get a new address which will be next week.  Here is this weeks email...enjoy!!

This past week has been GREAT!!! The weather has been in the upper 80's all week!! Thankful for short sleeve shirts! Last Preparation day we played kickball/ volleyball baseball as a district and a rain storm came in and dumped on us for a half an hour and we still played. Of course I still played because rain is normal but it dumped and hailed on us haha
One of the new investigators we have we taught here 4 lessons this past week. She (Caitlyn) lives with her boy friend (Corry) who is a RM (return missionary) and is just inactive. When we taught her the restoration she felt the spirit so much she was crying and wanted to be baptized. She is accepting all that we teach her and is working on being better. We also expressed that she can't be baptized because her boyfriend is living with her. So either they get married or one of them move out. There is a kid involved. It is her kid and they don't want to effect the kids life. So they are getting married soon!!! Its just a matter of when though. Also they are reading and praying as a family!!!! That family is so awesome!!
We are also helping a member, who used to be less active, prepare for the temple. He is so great and wants to progress as much as he can in the gospel now!! When he was less active he noticed that he felt better with the spirits influence in his life!!!
Also we had a lesson with frank on Thursday. We taught him about involving his family more and he said that he would try. He said he was coming to church this Sunday but then we got a call on friday saying that he wasn't ready for church and he would call us when he was ready. So we went over to see what the problem was and it was nothing. He is just still scared to coming to church. So we had to drop him as a investigator because we have done all that we can do as missionary and he is not willing to commit. We can't convince anyone to convert. We are just there to help and when people aren't committed, we can't really do anything. It is sad but we had to.
We also got to teach the husband (Dan) of the couple we are teaching. His wife (Anna) is in Ohio still with her family. We taught him the commandments and he accepted all of them that we taught and said he would commit to keeping all of them!!! It was a way good lesson and he always has good questions and makes us missionaries become better teachers when we are able to answer awesome questions.
Also this week our zone leaders did exchanges with our district. One went the other companionship and the other came with us. We went to a apartment complex and we were going to visit some potentials and no one was home. On our way though Elder Gwilliam ( He is from Canada) But he talked to every single person we walked by. One of the people we were able to invite to learn more and we are teaching her this week. Definitely i learned that as we talk to everyone, we will find at least one person who is ready to hear the gospel.
I definitely have noticed a difference in me, in the past 3 months. I am able to teach a lot better and also I am able to lead out more and invite people to do things that I never thought I would be able to. It is crazy how all of this is happening right before transfers!! I really want to stay here for another transfer but it is a toss up. It is all up to President Anderson and how he see's things! I really want to see the people that I have worked with be baptized but we will see next Monday!!!! I love my mission, wouldn't trade it for anything. This ward and area is amazing. The members will do anything for missionaries and the love the gospel and actually live it. That is why I love my area. I love and miss everyone. Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!!
Elder Escudero

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