Monday, June 3, 2013

June 2, 2013

Hello Everyone,
Well this week lesson has been really slow. But we have done a lot of service. Over 10 hours at least! The week started off with cleaning out a crawl space for a member and with 4 Elders. It went pretty quick! Then afterwards we went and help build a chicken coop still. It is the same family we have been helping for the last couple months but its a long project!! Towards the end we were able to talk about the gospel a little bit and help him realize that there is a God. He has trouble with that. Also we helped some members pull some bushes out of their yard. It was at least 10 so far!!! That's just a few things that we did this week. Our Saturday was insane. I will talk about that later.
Anyways the few lessons we did have was with Caitlyn. She is great! We had a lesson all planned out to teach her but of course we didn't teach that but we talked about baptism. It was great. Our fellowship that we had was in the same situation that she is in. He got married then baptized. He related very well. But it was a way good lesson and we hope to see her get baptized next month. After her and her boyfriend get married.
Also we had our final lesson with Dan. His wife is still in Ohio. But we taught Dan about following the prophet and the 10 commandments. It was a way good lesson and of course he had a lot of good questions. I love when people ask questions because it helps me become a better teacher. Dan has been taught all that we teach him but his wife come home this week and we have to catch her up!!!
So our Saturday, first it started off with cleaning the church, then we went and helped a non-member move out. Then afterwards we mowed 2 yards, then went immediately to a baptism right after. The baptism was a 8 year old boy that we taught all the lessons to. we were so excited for him. Then we moved out of our members home and into the Bishops basement. That took forever! I hate packing so much. Then we went and mowed another lawn and then dinner. Oh lunch was somewhere in there too haha but ya a really busy day.
Well I found out that I not being transferred, which mean as of July 1st I will be in the Denver North Mission. Pretty exciting, my companion is being transferred and my new companion Elder Goldade will be here on Wednesday. I love that I am staying to see the people I am working with to be baptized!!! Oh and last week my bike broke and I got my new one this week. I love it already!!!! Well that was my week, not too much but we worked hard. I love serving a mission and love serving others. It truly makes you feel good and you really find yourself. Love you guys and miss you!!!
Elder Escudero

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