Monday, May 13, 2013


Well we moved a lot this week!!! Last weekend we stayed at the Reeds then on Monday we moved into the Vernon's all week, then last night we moved back into the Maughns for good haha Back at home well sort of! Weather this week has been so nice well after Tuesday it was. It has been in the 60's and 70's!! Oh and the new set of Elders came on Wednesday  so now we have 2 sets in one ward and in 4 days there has been a dramatic change in pace in the work here!! It is so awesome.
Well on Monday like I said we moved out of the Reeds into the Vernon's and they are awesome!! We didn't have a dinner for the night so they fed us and we just got to know them really well!!!
We went and visited Brother Tinsley, he is a convert and got in a big accident like 5 years ago and now is paralyzed. But now he uses Canadian crutches!! He has so much faith that he will walk again with out any help. After lunch we came to the library and worked on our profiles and watch some of the videos!! Those videos are so great and so diverse!! After that we had to go to court... Because of the car accident we got in like a month ago. Well it was for Elder Lemon but since I was his companion I kind of had to go with him. We only had to talk to the town attorney and he had to pay a small fine! So we are all good there. Then we went and visited Sister Garcia and her son Thomas. They were less active and now starting to come back to church it is so awesome!!!! Then at dinner the Haw's family wanted us to give the first discussion to his kids. It was really good and they learned a lot about how to gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon. Pretty productive day!!!
Transfers was on Wednesday and we waited for the new Elders and we met up with to show then around and to take then on a lesson. Our District leader is Elder Harley and his companion name is Elder Keliikoa. His family is Hawaiian. 4 Elders one lesson!! It was so great haha It was Sis. Garcia and Thomas again. It was good but pretty crazy!!! That night we had a meeting with all of the auxiliaries in the ward to split the area in half! We are now the Grandview West Elders haha
This week we also had our normal lesson with Frank. He is not being baptized on May 11th because he isn't coming to church but we are working on him. We are having a lot of ward member to just stop by and say hi. Make him feel welcomed. So maybe that will help.
This week we were low on miles for the month like way low so we have been starting to bike everywhere. I finally am used to riding a bike which is really good!!! Saturday was full of service from 9 to 3 was all service minus a hour for lunch!!! We helped with a move, swept up around a pool and help build a chicken coup! Right after that we had to change and then bike 6 miles to a lesson in 20 minutes we did it in 15 minutes haha A lot of hills too! Proud of myself and the person we were going to teach wasn't there... SO upset!!! But ya all is good.
This ward works so good together. I love them, they already do something before we even ask them to do it and they love helping us. They always ask how they can help and when. This is how every ward should be!!! They are so missionary oriented and are examples of how every member should be!!! I love Colorado so much. Two months in and I love it haha Well Work is doing really good and about to get even better.
Love and miss everyone and thankful for all the support!!
Elder Escudero

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