Monday, May 13, 2013


This week has been pretty fun!! We had to put our car in the shop because of the crash last month! Who knew cars would be that expensive but good thing we have a member in our ward that has a auto body shop and lowered the price for us!! Also good thing we didn't have to pay for it because we would be broke!!! So we biked a lot and got some rides from members which we are very grateful for!! Our area is pretty big and there are a lot of hills so we were thankful for the rides.

So one of our dinners was really fun!! We were suppose to have it with the Hillier's (Elder Hillier is a area seventy). Sister Hillier was going to invite a part member family over but they insisted having dinner at their house. So we went over and ate and talked and really got to know the family! Elder Lemon really had a lot in common with the husband because they both sold Cutco knives! So after dinner we went into their basement and had a spiritual thought by Elder Hillier and it was way good. He talked about serving others and who we should serve!! It was starting to get late, so sister Hillier was getting worried we wouldn't get home on time. But the husband all of a sudden brought out some foam balls that the play some dodge-ball with and the Hillier boys started throwing them around. Then all of sudden I got hit in the face and didn't know who threw it!! Then I look around the corner and Elder Hillier is throwing them hahaha It was the funniest thing to see a General Authority throwing foam balls at people. Just the look on Elder Hillier's face was priceless!!! So we ended up being late but we thought it was okay because we had a General Authority with us!!

We did a lot of moves this week and we will have a lot more moves coming up. This ward has a lot of moves. A member said that there is about 120 moves every year which is about 1 every 3 days!! Pretty crazy but it gives us a lot of service hours haha Also our District focus has been on serving others and building their trust in us so they are comfortable with us teaching their friends the gospel and it has been working.

We definitely have seen a lot more success since then additional set of Elders in the ward. We have been able to focus on a certain part of the area and its been great!!! I love it. We have gotten a few more people interested in learning more about the gospel and its awesome. We finally have a teaching pool!! There has been a couple that has come to church every Sunday since Easter and they agreed last week to take the missionary discussions and we taught them Friday  They had a lot of questions but they grew up catholic so it definitely was understandable. But we taught them the restoration and they had some doubts but everyone has doubts at first. We resolved it through them reading the Book of Mormon. But we have a another appointment next Friday!!!

Also friday was the ward Cinco de Mayo party!! That was a lot of fun. There was 5 pinates and the adults were so funny!!! They were swinging so hard and missing haha
Well this week I have been reading a lot in Jesus the Christ!! It is so good. I love it and I read that you can't have faith in our Savior unless you know him. So that's what I have been seeking out and studying a lot and I definitely feel like I do know my Savior and he is awesome. I love him and thankful for all that he has done for me!!! I love this area and I love Colorado, Kinda weird to say because I do miss Washington but it is amazing here!!

Love and miss everyone. I am so thankful for all of the support!!!

-Elder Escudero

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  1. Thank you for sharing this with us Melenda!!! I love the spirit that is associated with missionaries. Thank you Dillon for sharing your experiences with us.