Monday, May 13, 2013


This week has been pretty good. We taught a lot of lessons and were able invite a couple of people to be baptized !! The weather is finally looking good. It should be in the 80's this week!!! SO I am super excited for that and I am glad that I cut my hair shorter. I love this ward so much, even with 4 elders we still get fed every night which I am very grateful for!!! My District leader I have right now Elder Harley. He used to live in Washington for 3 years and we went to Mormon prom at the same time. So we probably saw each other!! I thought that was pretty funny.
This week we had a lesson with a new investigator. He was a referral from the Denver South Mission. He really only asked the missionaries what they did. His name is Devon. He is in high school still but really curious about the religion  So we went over and got to know him a little bit. Then started teaching him the restoration. It was very good and we had two of the priests in the ward come and help out. They were really good when we asked them to share some blessings from there lives. But we got towards the end of the lesson and we invited him to be baptized and he said yes. So he agreed to be baptized on June 2nd. Super excited for him!!
Then also we had a lesson with a couple who have been coming to church since Easter  They love the church and they are golden investigators. The lesson we had with them lasted 4 and 1/2 hours... They have a lot of questions. They were raised Catholic and they couldn't believe a lot of the stuff that the Catholics believed in. As we teach them the lessons, they believe all the things we teach and they can see how that its true. We invited them to be baptized also and they said its not a matter if we will be baptized but its a matter on when. The wife is leaving town until June 6th, so it will be after that!!! They don't realize that when they get baptized it is just the beginning  Also having the constant companion of the holy ghost will help out so much with their conversion process.
We had Zone conference this week and they really emphasized SERVICE!! As a district we have been asking every member, non-member, and less actives for people we can serve and it has been very successful!!! We have a lot of moves in our ward and we did 2 this last week! Also we helped a non-member family move some furniture, put sand in a chicken coup and shoveled out a cow and horse pen. I love serving others and that is what I have been called to do for 2 years full-time. Definitely I have truly found myself as I have served others. You learn a lot of things about yourself as you do it.
I love every minute of my mission and in 3 weeks I will know if I am transferring missions or not. Either way its all the same work just different people. Some missionaries are worried/ concerned about switching missions but I think it would be good either way!!! Well its been a good week. So glad I got to call home on Mothers Day!! 

Love and miss everyone!!
-Elder Escudero 

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