Sunday, April 28, 2013

April 22, 2013

So this week has been busy!!! and snowed a lot!! It is suppose to be spring. Extreme bipolar weather haha
So Monday it snowed and I bought a grey suit for 7 bucks at salvation army!!! I love it!! But ya nothing really happened on Monday but I was excited about my suit!
 On Tuesday it was pretty slow. All of our plans fell through and all the snow melted by noon. But we prayed about it and we found someone new to teach. We went to a members house and he has only lived there for 2 weeks and he already has a referral for us!!! So awesome! We have a lesson with him this week!! We met with a couple people and introduced them to the Book of Mormon!! And now we have a couple more lesson with them!! But ya a bad day ended being a good day!!!!
Wednesday was Interviews with President Anderson!! It also was workshops so it was way good and the workshops focused on chapter 4 and 9 in preach my gospel which was way good!!! That lasted 5 hours but all went well and there are a lot of changes happening!!! Our ward is getting an additional set of Elders and we are now the Grandview District!!! Pretty cool! So a lot more work will get done hopefully. Then while interviews went on it snowed 2 inches by the time we were done!! Ya then we went and worked and no one answered there doors. But the suit I got on Monday  the pants were a little big and we took the to a member who is a tailor and she fixed them for me but while we were there someone asked her to do a suit for them like 3 years ago and they never came back for it so she gave it to me haha So I got 2  suit in one week. Pretty awesome! But ya it was a great day!!!
Thursday we did weekly planning and that took forever because we had to split our area book into 2 parts because of the missionaries coming in!! That filled up our morning and then we went out and worked. We had our typical Thursday lesson with Frank and we taught him the importance of baptism and I got to teach most of that lesson and I loved it!!! He had a concern that really wasn't a concern but he was nervous so we had to put a hold on a for sure of him coming to church but ya good lesson.
Friday was our last district meeting together because of transfers. It was really good! We role played a really hard situation and it was pretty funny!!! But we met with a lot of members through out the day and a lot of people that told us to come back and visit them. We also visited a investigating family that talked to missionaries a few months ago and told us to come back in a couple weeks.We were so excited!! This week has been super exciting I can say the least. Also Elder Lemon gets to keep his driving privileges  We have a member in our ward who owns a autobody shop and lowered the price for him haha Pretty lucky I can say!!! Also we had to move out of our house because the members went away on vacation. We couldn't stay there because their house keeper is staying there.. So we moved out until they come back. So we have been house hopping haha
Saturday morning was full of soccer, service, and rugby. We had investigators there so that is why it was okay haha but it was a good day and we met with a lot of members all day getting to know them better. But it just felt like a really long day!!!
Sunday was really good!!! We got to see a few less actives and then dinner haha not much happened because it was Sunday but it was really good talking to the less actives and helping them come back to church.
Well a lot is changing and I can't wait to see how it turns out!!!! I love it here and I didn't get transferred because I am still being trained!!! Well Love and miss everyone!!!
Elder Escudero

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