Monday, April 1, 2013

Letter 4/1/13  APRIL FOOLS!!

Well today we got off to a late start but there was a reason and the reason was car accident... haha It was a minor clip but it was our fault... Normally when making right turns at a intersection they give you a lane then you have to merge over but this one didn't and we didn't see the car. I was not driving!!!!! I don't get to drive because I am not senior companion so if something bad driving related happens, it wasn't my fault!!!
Besides that this week has been a lot better than last week. We had a specialized training on Tuesday which was really really good. Talked a lot about the atonement! Which has been something I have been studying a lot in the past couple weeks!! Also I have been reading Jesus the Christ which is a huge book but I am determined to read it!! Its soo good so far, I am 100 pages in and its sooo good.
We have been focusing still a lot of lost sheep which is a list of members of the church but they haven't been going for awhile. A lot of our list is people that have moved but we did end up teaching a couple of people that we not members and gave them a Book of Mormon. Pretty awesome!!
On Thursday we had a lesson with this guy frank and we went in the lesson thinking that he would bring up a whole bunch excuses!! Also we thought about dropping him as an investigator because he was not progressing and making up excuses! But when we first went into the lesson he was like you guys are probably going to be mad but I am not ready, give me a couple months and i will give you my answer. Then we starting asking him why? and he started making excuses like I don't want to go with out my wife or doesn't want people smelling smoke on him or God told me not to through scriptures!! So we started getting real with him and asked him where would god want him or his wife not matter if he smelt like smoke or not. He said at church. Then we asked him what is really stopping him then he said himself. So at that point he was like give me a month and i will tell you my answer. So we started asking him why and he told us why and we addressed it. Then we had to leave so we ended with a prayer and then he looked at us and said give me 2 weeks!!! The spirit was so strong in that room it was incredible ! But from getting him from a couple of months to 2 weeks! so awesome. The spirit can work on people in so many ways!!
Friday we went around meeting members and giving the spiritual thoughts and giving service!! Then had a lesson with a family getting them ready for the temple!!! They are way excited and so are we because they are recent converts which means Elder Lemon and I get to go to the temple too!!!
Saturday we had a lesson with a less active and getting her back to church and we talked about the importance of the sacrament! It was such a good lesson and she has stopped smoking and stopped drinking and is coming back to church. She has to kids and he son is 8 and is really getting into cub scouts which is really good!!
Easter!!! Been waiting all week for this day! Woke up and got ready and then Elder Lemon and I were studying until the family we live with called us up and said someone let baskets on our car. (IT WAS THEM) the basket was empty and they were like hey I think they hid eggs all over the yard...So we went on a Easter egg hunt and there was money in it!!!! So awesome. They must of known we were fasting or something like that. We were doing a mission wide fast for thanks of our success in the mission for the month of march because this past month out mission baptised over 50 people and that hasn't happened in 18 months. Super cool! but anyways church was super good!!! Then we went tracting and ran into a couple of people and placed a Book of Mormon. Then had a lesson with a recent convert and she is getting ready for the temple too!!! Then we went to dinner at the Hilliers house. Elder Hillier is the area seventy and is a really awesome guy!!! He showed us a lot of pictures of him and apostles and where they stayed in the house when they came over but after fasting all day dinner couldn't come faster when it did we sat down and it was like a thanksgiving dinner!!! I ate soooo much food haha Members in my ward are so awesome!!!
Well overall good week! The snow is gone, it melts really fast and it is starting to get warmer. Super pumped for this week because hopefully we are committing a few people to baptism and General Conference is this weekend. Tad R. Callister who is the presidency of the quorum of the seventy is speaking in the priesthood session and his son is in our ward so pretty awesome!!! Besides that all is good in Colorado!! Super dry and windy haha Well until next week!
Love you all,
Elder Escudero

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