Sunday, March 31, 2013

3/25/13 Sorry this is a bit late!  :)

Okay so here is what went down this week!!!! Start off with the bad... Okay well every appointment we had this week fell through!!! Everyone!! It was way frustrating!! Elder lemon and I get fed all the time so we never go hungry but we must wake up and work out every morning so we don't get fat!!! Yes it snowed the past Friday .. We got about 7 inches and it was about 14 degrees all day Saturday  We also couldn't use our car so we stayed home and studies cause we couldn't go anywhere!! I love studying now! WEIRD coming from me but anytime I have the chance to study I am down for it. I started to read Jesus the Christ ! SO GOOD!!!!!!! I love it, Its about 800 pages but i am committed to reading it. Its pretty funny when Elder Lemon and I went tracting this week, we ran into this guy who was born again christian. He said he would pray for us and told us that we should consider changing our religions. We walked away and chuckled because we knew that we wouldn't sacrifice 2 years of our lives to come out to tell people stuff that we knew wasn't true. We are out to tell people of the truthfulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I guess this week has been a testimony builder for me. That I do believe in what I teach.
This week was really focused on lost sheep work. We went around to people on the ward list to see if they still lived there or if they wanted to come back to church or solve any problems. We didn't have very much success because no one would be home or a lot of people have moved. Out of like 30 people only 3 people actually lived there. So we worked really hard this week but didn't have very much success. But the work is progressing!!! This week is looking bright!! We have a lot of appointments this week so we are excited. Hopefully the week will be better and it won't snow!!! Because I don't want to be stuck at our house again! I would rather be out helping others come unto Christ! But we will see I don't think there was any snow in the forecast. Life is good, food is good, people here are good and health is good!! That is all that matters right? Well I have been reading this poem called "foot prints"!! Its probably one of my favorite poems!! It makes me cry like every time  If you haven't read it you should, its really good. I wish I had more stories to tell!!! But this week has been super slow but hopefully next week will be better!!!

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