Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Well this week started off pretty stinky... Well at least for me because I got sick... But I wasn't going to keep a sickness from us getting work done. Tuesday I had a sore throat and couldn't really talk so Elder Lemon did most of the work. I felt way bad but he loves talking haha We had a lesson with a less active and he couldn't really see blessing in life so we explained that every little thing in life is a blessing. That was way good! Then we saw another less active that day and she said I could take the day off and she gave me some medicine haha I almost fell asleep while we were talking!!! The members here are so good to missionaries. They will give us anything that we need but we are always good! 
 Wednesday I felt conjested and worse... and we didn't have very much success! But that night we went to the Woodburys house, who will be the new mission presidents in Chicago, Illinois, and we taught a less active at there house. It is part of their training to sit in on missionary lessons to get the hang of what we do!! I was actually able to teach! It was weird, it was like my cold went away for that lesson.
Thursday! still sick... But in the morning Elder Lemon and I took some chalk and wrote on a really busy biking/running trail and wrote inspired questions there and at the end said visit mormon.org!! Super cool to see people actually reading it! Then after lunch I went on exchanges with our district leader! Elder Taylor and we had our lesson with Frank!!! We taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ and emphasized on Forgiveness! At the end of the lesson he set up the baptismal date!!! He said may 11th I will be baptized !! I was so pumped that he said that! Then all day Elder Taylor and I talked to everyone we saw haha I met a Bulgarion named Jimmy didn't speak English but we stilled talked to him haha Then we fixed a popped tire and talked to the lady as we fixed it but overall the day was way good!!!
Friday wasn't a very busy day but we did a district move. A family was moving from one apartment to the next and they had like no help... So 6 elders showed up and we moved them in a hour haha But ya we didn't have much success with our appointments!
Saturday! General Conference!!! So excited and it was soooo good! I watched the first 2 sessions with the Maughans. I took so many notes haha First time ever!!! I loved it and especially all the missionary work they have talked about. I looked and November 30th there was 55,000 missionaries. December 31st 2012 there was 58,000 missionaries. Now there is 65,000 missionaries... So 7,000 in 4 months haha and 20,000 more will enter the MTC in the upcoming months!! So awesome! Watch out world, the gospel is coming.
Sunday Conference again! I love Elder Holland and Elder Oaks talks they were so good and spoke so simply it was amazing! But Ya a lot happened haha We had a lot of accidents with dogs that day though haha They got to excited and peed on things and only got us once but barely on me haha Mostly on my companion haha It was pretty funny. You just have to laugh about these things.
Overall my cold is pretty much gone. Weather has been good. But its suppose to snow again this week.... High of 32 tomorrow haha But oh well we will keep working!!! I am in week 5 of 12 of training this week. Crazy how fast time is flying by. I am already a month and a half out into my mission. I miss everyone and love you guys for your support you have given me.
Elder Escudero

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