Sunday, April 28, 2013

April 15th Letter (sorry a little behind )

This week was half good!!! It started to get good on Wednesday when I actually was not sick!!! I am good now thankfully and the weather is about to get crappy... Its suppose to snow today until Wednesday  Snow sucks here because its hard to work.
Well Monday was good until I got really sick and I am pretty sure I had the Flu. Don't want to get into details but it was a bad day!!! It snowed over night and it was in the teens all day Tuesday.
Tuesday I felt a lil better but not much and we went out at like 11:30 in the morning and I was outside for like 15 minutes and I got even sicker... It sucked! So we went home for lunch and afterwards I fell asleep for a couple hours, it was well needed sleep to get better!! But we did stay in most of the day because I didnt want to risk getting sick again...
Wednesday was a stacked day!!! We had 5 lessons planned for the day and only one fell through!! It was way good! We worked a lot with less actives in this ward but we are very successful at it!!! Its not a big investigator area but there is a lot of less active work to do!! We worked with the Woodbury's again with a lady they are home teaching and we are just giving her the missionary discussions!! They are going really good!!! But ya really busy day!
Thursday was a slow day! We were suppose to go on a church tour with our investigator Frank and he rescheduled for Friday  So we were glad at least he rescheduled instead of flat our cancelling like normal!! But we work a lot with the auxiliaries in the ward which is really good. This ward works really good together!!! But ya we help them as much as we can and they help us in return!!!
Friday we had zone training and I had to lead a 5 minute discussion on our mission vision, doctrine of Christ and our purpose. It went really good apparently haha Well that's what the other missionaries told me!! It was a really good training and helped out me and Elder Lemon with some investigators/ less actives!!!  But we are really excited for our church tour with Frank but he cancelled on us again... Didn't reschedule this time... But it was all good. We found a family who has been living in this apartment for a year and didn't know what ward they were in or what building to go to and they were just waiting for someone to tell them. It was also rare that they were home so that was super cool!! We had a lesson with a less active that night who was a return missionary and hasn't been to church in a long time!! So we taught him to increase his faith and it went pretty good!!! He said he would come to church this Sunday!!
Saturday we went and saw Frank to see what was really going on. He let us in and we talked. He was about to drop his baptism date!!! He said he had some personal problems and some bills to pay and was to worried about that!! Elder Lemon has been working with him for a long time now and wanted to drop him also. I didn't  I still saw the faith he had and the potential that he could have. I didn't want to give up. But Elder Lemon wouldn't let me talk until he pretty much gave up. Then I started asking him questions and asked if he still wanted to baptized on May 11th and he said yes. So I explained the requirements that he has to do to be baptized by then. He understood and I told him that if he trusts in the Lord everything will be taken care of and he will be ready to be baptized  Also that his problems will be taken care of also. The Elder Lemon asked him right then to pray and ask for help. So he did and that was the strongest I have ever felt the spirit. It was such a awesome prayer and we walked out knowing everything would be okay!! The rest of the day no one answered the doors but it was all good because of Frank's lesson, we were happy all day!!!
Sunday!! Had to wake up super early for a stake meeting at 6 and it was really good!!! I love church and we were expecting a lot of families to come and some did and some didn't but thats how it is!!! But good sunday. We went to visit Frank to see how the bills went and his prayer was answered and all the bills were taken care of!!! We went around just visiting families and met them and helped them to share the gospel with others. All went good all day!!
Solid week and we got a couple member refferals to teach their friends so super awesome. excited for this week and to see what miracles happen. Love and miss everyone!! Thanks for all the support!!
-Elder Escudero

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