Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dillon's first letter from the MTC 3/2/13

Well Saturdays are my P-days and finally get to wash my clothes super excited about it!!! I sent you a letter yesterday but you probably won't get it until monday hahah well the MTC is sooo great!!! I have grown so much in the past few days more than I ever thought I would. I have learned that in order to help people convert, we truly need to convert ourselves!!! My teachers names are Brother Welsh and Brother Hales and they literally are the best teachers ever. They are so full of energy and so willing to help us. I really look up to them in every way!! My MTC companion is Elder Hansen, he is exactly like me and we instantly became best friends. His testimony is so strong and loves the gospel soo much.
So Thursday night we had our first branch presidency meeting where we met our branch presidency. President Stice is an amazing man and wants us to be exceptional missionaries, not average. To be exceptional we need to work extremely hard and to use exact obedience. After that we had interviews with each of us and then I have been called as a DISTRICT LEADER hahaha I saw it coming but I am really excited that I can lift up others and try to help people when they are in need. It is a huge responsibility but I am willing to do it! I am over 7 other elders and 3 sister missionaries. The sisters in our district are purely amazing. I was telling brother welsh that if sisters could hold the priesthood the sisters would be commanded to serve and the brothers would be invited too haha But its so true the sisters are so strong and have the best testimony's.
We are really busy everyday stretching ourselves to learn more and to grow in the gospel. I have noticed a huge change in me that I can't really explain but it really is amazing. I am striving to do my best in everything that I do. Trying to be obedient and strive to follow exactly what I need to do. My testimony has grown and been stretched as I have been able to teach here and study the gospel. I am so happy I chose to come out here.
The food is alright hahaha it was good the first night be slowly declined as the week went on. The days are starting to get faster but the first 2 days felt like weeks haha Rooms are awesome, finally getting good sleep. My room mate elders are awesome. Ummmm I think thats it. I am loving my letters. 

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