Wednesday, October 23, 2013

September 23, 2013

Hello Everyone!!!! Well this week we were pretty busy again but we had a lot of fun too. So right now I am in a trio companionship for the week because the ward next to us lost a missionary because he got his visa and went to Brazil today!!! So my companions is Elder Near and Daley. SO now we have to cover 2 wards on bikes!!! It wont be too bad but a lot of work and stuff to figure out!!!
SO this week we went to town with trying to teach everyone we saw and everyone we visited. SO we were able to finally meet this guy named grant. Elder Daley has been trying to get in contact with him for a few months and we finally got ahold of him on wednesday and when we got there his wife answered the door and we were able to teach her. SO now she is investigating!!! The only set back I see is that the look pretty set in there church!!! But we will see where that goes. 

ALso I attached a couple pictures of one of our dinners. It was chicken parmesan and the smaller one was the rest of the families and the big one is the size ELder Daley and I recieved. The member that cooks it always cooks that size for us all the time. 

Also we taught 20 lessons this week and 15 of those were to less active members of the church!!! It was a hard working week. I am really tired too. I have never been so tired in my life, its insane but worth it!!!! 

So we have been biking a lot and trying to have the members come out with us and visit all the people that we see but its hard to coordinate them to come. Our Bishop wants us to get 20 member present lessons. Its sort of hard to do that when we barely get 20 lessons... Well we will eventually get that. 

SO transfers are next week and I have no idea what is going to happen been i probably will be staying because Elder Daley has been in this area for 9 months now. SO I hope thats the case so I don't have to pack... 

Well I love this work so much, I love talking to random people about religion and not being shy about sharing the gospel with people. I love telling people about the restored gospel of Jesus christ. I also love testifying of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. I love that I have a testimony of all these things. Also that I have found out for myself that these things are true. 

Well I hope everyone is having a good week and will have a good week. i love and miss you guys!!! 

Elder Escudero

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