Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June 17th, 2013

Well I am safe first of all. The fire is down closer to springs which is a hour and a half south of where I am at. The smoke did travel to where I am at thought and we couldn't see that good. It burned down like 480 homes already and is only 65% contained as of yesterday... Very sad but you can't control these things sometimes. Well anyways this week has been mostly service!!
Elder Goldade and I pretty much parked the car this week and biked!! I love biking. My new bike is great until my pants got caught in the gears and tore them haha But I fixed the bike and it runs great. I can actually get to places with out pretty much dying with this thin air here.
Some of the service things we did was move people like always. People actually moved into to the ward though which hasn't happened in awhile. Also we went and built a chicken coop that we have been working on since I have been here pretty much. It looks way cool!!! Ya thats all I can think of right now but there is a lot more.
We had a couple lessons this week and couple lessons fell through but the ones we had were great. Our investigator Caitlyn is great!!! We finished all the lessons with her. So now until she gets married we go over and answer questions or go more in depth with her about things. Also our lesson with Dan was good, we answered more questions and that was all the lesson. We found out that him and his wife Anna will be moving before they get baptized... So on Wednesday I have to talk to my new mission president to get permission to leave the mission when they get baptized. Since it will be a new mission as of July 1st. Kinda upset that they are moving but can't stop them!!! Anna gets home today so now we can teach her!!!
I have seen myself grow a lot in the past week as I have taken lead and been trying to introduce Elder Goldade to people. Members really trust us in this ward. They say it a lot that they have the 4 best missionaries they have ever had. We aren't doing anything special here, we are just working and serving them. That is what we have been called to do is to serve the people in all the wards you serve in and that is what we do!!! It is that simple. I love being a representative of Jesus Christ and all the responsibilities that come with it!!! I love reading the scriptures and actually knowing them. Helps a lot when you go into lessons!!! I am excited for this mission transfer. The Denver North mission is going to be great!!! It is mostly Downtown Denver and really small. I can't wait!! I love serving and being a missionary. Best decision of my life!!! Love and miss everyone!!
Elder Escudero

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